‘Survivor: Philippines’ prediction: Sneaky Pete has a plan

Can a merge just get here on “Survivor: Philippines” already? We’re continuing to see all sorts of crazy stuff happen on the Tandang and Kalabaw tribes, but it really doesn’t seem to matter based solely on the fact that Matsing cannot win a challenge to save their lives. With this in mind, it’s hard to really focus too much on some of the fun stuff that we have seen in the new preview below for this episode, mostly because we have a feeling this could become irrelevant at the end of the day.

Biggest mover and shaker – Without a doubt, it’s Pete Yurkowski, and we’re happy to at least talk about what he is up to here. Now that he has himself in a close alliance with Abi-Maria Gomes, he’s seemed to figure out that his next plan of action is going to be dispatching of the one person who has been close to her in the past in RC Saint-Amour. The plan? Putting her immunity idol clue in a spot where it will look like she is hunting for it on her own; and once Abi sees it, she takes advantage of the opportunity to go completely and totally ballistic on her former “friend” (even if she already found the idol herself).

Do we think that Pete is way too in love with himself with his Troyzan-ish “this is my island” shtick? Definitely, but he’s still got himself in a great position of power at Tandang, and he’s done it without ruffling anyone’s feathers to their face.

Idol watch – Mostly, there are two questions worth asking here: will Jeff Kent keep Jonathan Penner’s immunity idol a secret, and will Russell Swan ever actually go out and try to find the idol at his camp? It does look like Penner and Jeff are getting closer, and their alliance should be a fun one to watch since the two are the biggest odd couple since Stephen and JT. As for Russell, let’s just say that we don’t have much faith in anything the man is doing at this point.

The elimination – By now, we’re sure that you have heard the famous quote about the definition of insanity. With that in mind, we would be insane to predict anything other than Matsing losing another challenge, and Russell Swan finally being sent home. Personally, we want to see Tandang lose mostly because it would make heads spontaneously explode. Good times.

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