‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 premiere spoilers: New character possibilities

“The Walking Dead” has done a great job pretty much all summer long making it clear that both The Governor and Michonne are going to make a pretty big splash in their first few episodes on the show. As it turns out, it also looks like executive producer Glen Mazzara has done a good job of still keeping some secrets pretty close to the vest.

According to a new report from TV Guide, you are going to meet a character during the season premiere who is not only in the Robert Kirkman comics, but is also going to be someone whose name has not been leaked to the press yet. With that in mind, we really can’t give you any further details beyond that … including whether or not they have any substantial story, or if it is just someone who turns up for an episode or two before becoming walker chow.

All we are hoping is that by the time that this season gets going, we have a reasonable idea who some of these characters are, and what their purpose is going to be in this new prison setting that we are going to see throughout season 3. We can’t think of a series that has hyped itself up more with young viewersr, and who AMC is expecting some pretty big things out of. However, we are still doing our best to temper some ratings expectations thanks to the fact that AMC and Dish Network still have not reached any sort of carriage agreement yet after months of fighting. (This already led to Dish users not getting to watch the first eight episodes of “Breaking Bad’s” final season this past summer.)

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