MacGyver season 4 premiere date hopes; early expectations

MacGyverIn the wake of the finale airing tonight on CBS, let the MacGyver season 4 conversation start here! In this article, we’re discussing not only a possible premiere date for the show, but a few other odds and ends of what you can expect, based on some of the information that we’ve got right now.

Before venturing onward, did you know that MacGyver was even renewed for a season 4? That was first confirmed earlier this week, though we were never particularly doubtful about its chances. It’s proven itself to be a stable performer for CBS on Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, otherwise known as a timeslot that had been rather tough for them before the show premiered there. It’s got a lot of potential to stick around for many years to come, but it’s probably a little too early for us to start sounding off some celebratory alarms that it’s coming back for anything beyond what we’ve already confirmed. Celebrate this renewal for now! One season at a time.

Season 4’s spot on the schedule will be announced next week, mostly likely, at CBS’ big upfront presentation, otherwise known as a chance for network executives to get together and sell their shows to big-time advertisers for the upcoming year. We don’t foresee it moving from Friday nights, mostly for all the reasons that we already spelled out. Meanwhile, we continue to think that it will premiere in late September, mostly because after three years, it’s stilly to think that all of a sudden, CBS will opt to move it … but we’ll find out more news about that a little bit later this summer.

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Beyond just the premiere date…

There are a couple of other things worth noting! Let’s start with a creative change at the top, as Terry Matalas (12 Monkeys, Nikita) is coming on board as a co-showrunner for the new season alongside a familiar face in Peter M. Lenkov. Matalas is a super-talented, creative writer/producer/director who should bring some outside perspective to the show. While MacGyver has been smooth sailing creatively for a while now, it never hurts to bring in a new voice who can offer up more ideas and keep things lively and exciting. Also, Lenkov is an extremely busy guy, given that he does also have Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI still on his plate. We only see upside from someone like Terry coming on board who has experience, especially on shows that are so thoughtful and creative.

Meanwhile, you may not have heard the news that Levy Tran is likely to be promoted to series regular over the summer, which means that you’ll be seeing a good bit more of Desi in the episodes to come! Note that her staying does not mean that Jack will be gone forever; Lenkov has said in the past that the door remains opens to George Eads, but we’re entering season 4 not expecting anything when it comes to Jack.

Finally, there’s a chance, provided of course he survives, that you’ll see more on Peter Weller coming up as Elliot Mason. Given the hype around his appearance on the finale tonight, we foresee CBS wanting to keep him a part of this world for some time.

What do you want to see when it comes to MacGyver season 4 on CBS?

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