Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Winner Dane Rupert on his unanimous victory

Dane RupertIt’s fair to say that today’s a pretty good day for one Dane Rupert. After all, he’s the winner of Big Brother Canada 7! He played a pretty dominant game on what was a dominant season, and he did a great job of winning competitions when he needed to and protecting himself with allies both within the Pretty Boys and out. Now, he gets to bask in the glory of a unanimous win.

So how did Dane get here, and what does he think about his game overall? We’re going to break all of that down with him in our post-finale interview below! For some more of our take on the remainder of the finale in video form, watch our video below and be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and check out our official Big Brother Canada playlist.

CarterMatt – How are you feeling right now? Have you been able to come down from the adrenaline of last night?

Dane – Let’s just say that I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I’m just letting it sink it and I’m having a good time with it.

Let’s flash back to last night. Are you shocked that the vote was unanimous?

That’s something that you never expect — to do it against Anthony, I did not expect that. Anthony played such a good game, as well, but I guess in other people’s eyes, I just played a better game.

What do you think it was that helped you get all of the votes? You can across well in front of the jury, but was there any particular strategy with you there at the end?

What you see is what you get with me. There was a little bit of strategy that I had entering the house, but I am the fun, toothless goofball that I am. I made those guys fall in love me. Those social connections that I made were genuine. I absolutely love everyone in that house. I knew being in front of the jury that they may be hurt — I kinda backstabbed [some of them] — but I knew those connections were real. Este and Damien, I did them a little bit dirty, but I knew what we had was genuine and I appreciate their votes.

You were in a dominant alliance, but was there ever a time where you were honestly nervous about your chances in the game?

Honestly, I never felt threatened at all. The only time I did feel threatened was when Kyra won the HoH at top five. The only way that they were going to get me out was if they put me up against Anthony. When it was me against Mark after the PoV Ceremony, I knew that I had Adam’s vote and no one knew about me and Anthony’s deal, not even the Pretty Boys. I just played up the emotional card. After they put up Mark, I just used a little strategy and put some fake tears in my eyes.

One of the things that the Pretty Boys did so well is that a lot of you guys had your side alliances along with your main one. Did you do that with Este/Kiera knowing that Pretty Boys would likely fall apart — as most early alliances do — or did you actually think it could last all the way?

Honestly, we’re all big fans of the game — Mark, Adam, and myself have been watching it for so long. Anthony’s new to watched it but he [also] loves it so much. We knew exactly what we were doing and I never doubted them. We told each other ‘let’s have each other’s backs until the end’ and ‘let’s go branch out and have some side alliances.’ I kinda got a little scared with Adam and Sam, since Sam really controlled Adam. What they had was real, and the only way that the Pretty Boys were in danger was when Sam was in the house. That’s why I was gunning for her from day one.

Even before the game, I was worried that you were going to win a lot of competitions and make yourself into a target, and then you did win a lot of competitions. Were you ever afraid of being too big of a threat?

Yeah, absolutely. It was definitely my idea not to win the first HoH and I was happy Adam won it. I really didn’t want to win the second HoH comp either, but I really needed to see a picture of my dad — it had been a while since I’d seen his picture.

After that, I won a few that I shouldn’t have, and then I realized that I needed to throw some comps. So, I started to throw some comps when I needed to and I won when I needed to.

If you were to have to write yourself a Big Brother resume, what’s the one move you’re putting at the top. What are you the most proud of?

Maybe it’s not the move I’m most proud of, but the biggest move was getting my boy Adam out. I knew that if he was in the final three I knew it would be A) very tough to get to the final two with him in the way and B) if I was sitting beside him in final two, it could’ve been a tight vote. It was a hard move — maybe it’s not one that I’m proud of, but it was one of the biggest moves of the season.

Another move that no one really knew I was a part of was backdooring Sam. Cory put me as a pawn — everyone thought I was the actual target, and when I won that PoV I realized that we just executed one of the biggest backdoor plans in the history of the game.

What are you looking forward to when you get to restart your normal life?

It’s a little bit hectic right now, but I’m looking forward to getting back to Kelowna and enjoying this moment with my friends and family. My mom told me when I saw her on day 59 that everyone was rooting for me and cheering for me. I was treated well before the show, and I want to go back and treat them well.

If you were to ever play this game again, you’d obviously be a big threat. Would you play any differently?

I would go back in a heartbeat — it was the best experience of my life. I do know it’d be a very challenging time and people would catch onto me right away. I would have to win the first or second HoH and make people come to me and try to do what I did this season. It would be more difficult, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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