Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 review: Was someone arrested?

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season 15 episode 24 feels in a lot of ways like the first half of a two-hour story as opposed to a proper episode in its own right. There’s almost no resolution here; instead, we’ve got chaos that’s unfolding all over the city and no real hope that anything is going to clear up in the near future.

For starters, let’s just look at one Andrew DeLuca taking the fall for Meredith Grey when it comes to insurance fraud on the Gabby Rivera case from not too far back. He’s apparently decided that her career is more important than his — it’s either that or he knows that she’s got so much more to lose and he is ready to take the fall. Insurance fraud is the sort of thing with steep consequences and clearly, Andrew is going to be facing a lot of those moving forward. you just have to hope he’s prepared for what’s coming his way, given that some of the results he’s going to encounter could be quite harsh. (Of course, Meredith may try to take the fall herself, but will she even get the opportunity?)

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While all of this is happening, you’ve also got in this episode Teddy making a bold decision that could alter her whole life — choosing Owen as the person she wants to be with rather than Tom Koracick. He was warned by Amelia about this but even still, he persisted and not, he’s going to be facing whatever the consequences of this are … and it’s going to be heartbreaking. To go along with all of this, Teddy’s water has broke and she’s going to be going into labor very, very soon — if she can even get to the hospital.

What makes everything more chaotic right now is a heavy fog that is starting to come over the entire city of Seattle, one that could make transport to and from this almost impossible. That’s a problem right now for Jackson and Maggie, who are trying to get her back to take care of Gus. Meanwhile, it’s also keeping Owen and Levi from getting back to the hospital with their rare blood donor from London, someone who is extremely agoraphobic and is going to really struggle with being in this situation and incapable of feeling comfortable.

Did we mention in here that you’ve also got Link trying to ask Amelia for information on where things stand with the two of them? Consider that the emotional topper on the cake. Everything is starting to descend into hell right now and for drama’s sake, that will make the finale incredibly interesting.

CarterMatt Verdict

Most of the characters will be okay in the aftermath of whatever happens here — at least all of the characters other than Meredith or DeLuca. That is the most extreme situation entering the finale since whoever takes the fall could end up losing their job or worse. (Why did Meredith even take this risk in the first place, knowing that it could easily come back to haunt her?)

This episode tonight was effective in really setting the stage for one of the most insane finales we’ve had in a while, one where a birth may be the main happy event surrounded by a lot of sadness — but even then, there’s going to be pain from Tom Koracick. One of the most powerful ailments in the finale could be heartache … at least among the main characters. There will be plenty of medical crisis elsewhere. At least this proved to be a fascinating introduction to what will surely be chaos on the other side.

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