SEAL Team season 2 episode 21 review: Did Ray survive?

SEAL TeamEntering SEAL Team season 2 episode 21, we don’t really have to tell you that the character of Ray was in danger. Entering the episode, we knew that he was separated from the team and, more than that, he was also in an incredibly dangerous situation. This is not the sort of one you tend to see people come out of.

Yet, Ray for all of his problems has a tendency to be quite resilient and that, almost certainly, cannot be forgotten. That’s why Ray was able to find himself a little bit of refuge, but not in the most favorable situation. Instead, he saw it in a situation where either he or the woman he found within his temporary safe haven would die. Ultimately, there was a moment where we seriously thought he was going to pull the trigger — if he did that, we did wonder if that was something he could even come back from.

Luckily, Ray did come to his senses and eventually decided to let the woman go, even if it meant her bringing attention to where he was. He decided to basically run out into the wilderness himself in hopes he made it long enough to survive.

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While Ray was hiding out, Jason and the rest of Bravo started to feel a little bit discouraged. They couldn’t find him, and Mandy wasn’t exactly finding herself incredibly lucky in her search for answers, either. They just weren’t getting much of anywhere fast and that’s probably where some of the urgency really started to kick in.

What happened to Ray?

In the closing minutes of the episode, he was out in the field doing whatever he could in order to find a way to still survive. He took out a number of people coming after him, but it still felt like there was only so far that he could go.

Here’s what made it powerful: Ray praying for his survival. He rediscovered his faith in the worst possible moment and, seconds later, Bravo saved him.

As for Clay back home…

In the aftermath of what happened overseas, Clay was struggling to still get his life back together. He spent a little bit of time with Stella, and then after this he spent a little bit of time with his father. The two didn’t exactly have the best relationship, but he made it clear to him that he was ready to fight the system and get Brett the Purple Heart that he deserved.

Ultimately, Clay told his father that he wanted to use his position in order to make sure that he could get a signal boost for his cause. Clay was willing to swallow some of his own pride if it meant helping other vets, and he posed a good argument.

CarterMatt Verdict

We spent most of SEAL Team season 2 episode 21 feeling really nervous as to what was going to happen to Ray — the dude was spiraling even coming into the episode and during it, we were even more concerned. Ray is going to survive, but perhaps most importantly, moving forward now he has an even greater will to survive than ever before. This was an incredible episode directed by David Boreanaz, who certainly packed everything you could possibly want in from start to finish.

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