Blue Bloods season 9 finale video: Why is Eddie upset at Erin?

Blue Bloods season 9

While we know that the Blue Bloods season 9 finale is going to resolve in part around Jamie and Eddie’s big wedding, Friday’s episode isn’t just about this. Along the way, we’re also going to have a chance to experience some trademark Blue Bloods conflicts, including a pretty significant one for Eddie Reagan as she tries to figure out precisely why Erin is making it seem like she is a liar.

In the sneak peek below, Eddie vents about it to Jamie — seemingly insinuating that Erin is taking the word of a witness in a case over hers, and that sets a rather difficult precedent given that the wedding is right around the corner. Are these two in-laws going to spend much of their future fighting?

The problem here really seems to be rooted in a couple of different things — for starters, Eddie seems to be upset that Erin doesn’t have more belief in her, but there may also be somewhat of a career-intimidation factor that is going on here, as well. As Eddie tells Jamie, Erin is successful, driven, and has so many other things going for her that, in turn, it’s hard to really stand in that spotlight. This is where Jamie does a super-sweet thing here, though, and tells Eddie that everything she sees in Erin as a person, he sees in her, someone who is driven, beautiful, and capable of anything. It’s another reminder of why Jamko are so good together, and hopefully this is a jumping-off point to resolving the Erin/Eddie crisis before the latter walks down the aisle.

In the end, we’re sure that we’re going to see Eddie and Erin get on the same page — this is the wedding, after all, and we don’t think that Erin is out to ruffle any feathers. Her problem is that she’s spent a lot of time with Frank as of late, and he seems to be able to move rather seamlessly between who he is on the job and the family man away from it. That’s not as easy for some other people, at least not immediately. There is somewhat of an adjustment period that comes along with it and that’s something that we certainly think could be happening here.

What do you want to see on the Blue Bloods season 9 finale, at least when it comes to this particular storyline? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and be sure to check back soon for some other news.

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