Lucifer season 4 episode 1 review: Chloe’s feelings; a Father Kenley twist

LuciferWatching Lucifer season 4 episode 1 is, in so many ways, a joyous affair. It’s a recognition of where we are at the moment in the journey, and certainly a reward for having to wait so long to get the series back on the air.

The first episode carried with it the title of “Everything’s Okay,” but almost immediately after watching it, our feeling is quite the opposite. Nothing is going to be okay the way things are currently going for Lucifer and Chloe. On the surface, she is trying to keep things together in front of the Devil after seeing his Devil Face, making it clear to him that she is grateful for his work bringing down US Marshal Reynolds (Sasha Roiz), the man at the center of tonight’s investigation. Yet, beyond the scenes, she is breaking down, crying, and desperately seeking advisement from somewhere. It just so turns out that this someone is none other than Father Kenley (Graham McTavish), who we met for the first time at the end of tonight’s episode.

Clearly, Chloe and Kenley have been meeting for some time, and he’s helped to lay out a plan for her as to how to deal with the Lucifer “problem” that is in her life. She’s a willing participant, so we wouldn’t call what is going on here as her “following orders.” Yet, it’s also clear that she is listening to what Kenley is saying so he does at least have some sense of power over her.

As to where this goes, we’ll clearly see in the coming episodes, but we know that McTavish is a powerful performer with a real gravity to what he does. We don’t foresee him going anywhere immediately … though watch him be gone in episode 2 and we’ll totally have egg on our face here.

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How is Lucifer himself handling the reveal?

Not great. He’s battling off some of his darker impulses while constantly checking in on Chloe and trying to figure out how much to really spread the truth. He “told” Ella that he is the Devil, but because he told her in the same exact way he once told Chloe, it’s not exactly like she believes him. Lucifer’s probably going to battle with who he wants to be most of the season; he knows that the dark undercurrent is a part of him, but so is this side where he actually helps the LAPD and has real feelings for Chloe. They’re all mixed within his heart and that’s where matters get complicated.

Meanwhile, Dan and Maze both were clearly struggling with some issues of their own in the premiere. For the former, it was him having a hard time letting go of losing Charlotte, something that will likely stick with him for at least the first few episodes of this season. He’s tolerating Lucifer’s snide remarks less than ever before, and it wasn’t until he and Amenadiel shared a nice moment near the end of the premiere when we started to feel like maybe, he can actually start to get to the other side of this and feel a little bit better.

For Maze, she just wanted to feel like things between her and Trixie could be patched up, but it seems like we’re also on the way with that. Maze’s journey remains one of the most remarkable on the series, largely because she does pride herself on being so intense and dangerous; yet, there is clearly this softer side that loves getting a few glimpses of sunlight. It further shows the inter-dimensionality of some of these characters, one of the many things that Lucifer does so well.

CarterMatt Verdict

Who knew that we’d care for the Devil as much as we do? Yet, here we are, praising Lucifer season 4 for injecting so much emotion into almost every little second of the show. The Netflix series is back and is just as funny and charming as ever — while it may be a tad edgier (and contain a Tom Ellis scene that never would’ve been on Fox), it doesn’t feel altogether different. It’s emotional when it needs to be, but also fun and escapism at its best. This is Lucifer at the peak of its powers and we’re so thrilled to see it back.

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