Lucifer season 4 episode 2 review: Linda’s surprise; Lucifer’s visitor

LuciferLucifer season 4 episode 2 opened with many a question regarding Chloe Decker and her intentions with Father Kenley. Why visit him? Well, much of it stemmed from what we saw at the end of the season 3 finale — she saw Lucifer Morningstar’s Devil Face for the first time and understanding, she did have some rather important questions as to what that meant. She also clearly thought that in some level, she needed spiritual guidance as to how exactly to deal with him.

Hence, her previously visiting Kenley, who just so happens to be an expert within the world of exorcisms. He did her part in order to ensure that she took part in a rather devious plan herself, one that involved effectively poisoning Lucifer to ensure that he left the earth. She thought about going through with it — heck, she almost did go through with it.

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Ironically, the one thing that stopped her was getting yet another reminder that Lucifer does care about her. This one came about while on a case. The entire basis of this murder was Survivor gone. A contestant on a fake reality show entitled The Cabin was murdered and during the episode, the team of course had to figure out why. It’s really not so important who was responsible for what happened as it is what Chloe saw along the way. Take, for example, Lucifer walking out of a burning building unscathed. Much of this episode was, at least for her, a crash course in learning what some of the rules are when you’re the devil. Take, for example, how invulnerable you are — or, at least how invulnerable you are unless you’re around one Chloe Decker. This is the only time in which he shows any weakness.

Yet, Lucifer was willing to show that weakness and almost die in order to protect Chloe from the real murderer — the cameraman. That was enough to make her think that Kenley’s claims that Lucifer was just out to deceive and manipulate her were false, and she then refused to help him later.

So why did Kenley then show up at Lucifer’s pad at the end of the episode? Our feeling is quite simple, though we’ll see if it pans out in subsequent episodes — he wants Lucifer to think that Chloe has been manipulating him to drive a wedge between the two, one that could lead to the devil becoming more devilish and, in turn, him being able to get what he wants — Chloe eventually screwing Lucifer over and getting him shipped right back to hell.

Linda’s big news

Is she pregnant? That’s what she told Amenadiel late in the episode, while he was in the midst of feeling a little down in the dumps. He wanted to experience the full range of humanity, and that is why he opted to stay down on Earth rather than return to Heaven. He wasn’t too happy with how he felt like Dan was ignoring him and nobody really wanted to hang out with him … but this news could change that. Linda’s pregnancy could mean that he gets a different opportunity to explore humanity, depending of course on how the rest of this story pans out.

If nothing else, it’s certainly intriguing to watch how this could play out, given that the characters have such a fascinating history already, and that’s probably only going to expand as we get further and further into this run.

CarterMatt Verdict

Holy emotional reveals, Batman! Watching Lucifer try so hard to be romantic in this episode was sweet, and seeing some of the conversation between him and Ella was a reminder of what the show can do on Netflix versus what it could do on Fox. This whole episode alternated between being fun and then also heartbreaking, mostly because we know that what Kenley is doing could devastate Lucifer Morningstar forever. This is us preparing for it now.

As a whole, Lucifer is moving along at a steady pace through two episodes — almost too fast really, since we have to remind ourselves now that we’re already 20% of the way through the season.

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