‘The New Normal’ review: David and Bryan’s big [spoiler]

Does “the New Normal” keep getting better? Based on what we saw from Tuesday night’s new episode, we are pretty sure the answer here is “yes.” There was really all sorts of great stuff that happened during this episode in between some great comedy, a few cute moments, and the stunner at the end of the episode.

So how did the story unfold? Basically, it was a really funny take on Shania having a pretend wedding for herself and her rather womanizing classmate. This was the sort of thing the just about any parent finds cute when it happens at an early age, mostly because you know it’s not the sort of thing that you take seriously. However, this quickly ended up becoming a story all about Nana’s freakout over Goldie’s child not having any good representation of what marriage meant, especially since her family had a history of divorce and she was against the idea of gay marriage. With this in mind, she decided to initiate a mass revolt at the “wedding,” where it was revealed that Shania’s groom was hardly the kid he claimed to be.

While this was a sad moment, there was still some sweetness at the very end here courtesy of something we actually did not see coming until the scene in which it happened: the engagement between David and Bryan. We actually think it would have been more effective had the show waited for a few more weeks, but we did like the sweet way they went about it courtesy of the ultrasound.

What did you think about this episode, and di you foresee a David / Bryan engagement coming? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below!

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