Man with a Plan season 4 renewal hopes: Will it return to CBS?

Man with a PlanFollowing the recent finale over at CBS, it makes sense to wonder about the Man with a Plan season 4 renewal odds — especially since it’s hard to get a clear read on precisely what the network is going to be doing at the moment.

Just think about things at the moment through the lens of this season alone. Man with a Plan was brought back with the specific purpose of being a midseason replacement show, a proper fill-in for something else on the schedule if a whole revealed itself. That happened when Happy Together concluded its run a little bit earlier this year.

When you look at the ratings for Man with a Plan season 3 alone, the show brought to the table a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and then also, to go along with that, 5.3 million total viewers. These numbers are decreases from season 2, but they are not enormous decreases. They are enough to certainly make you think that the show has a chance of coming back for more, but it’s far from a guarantee.

The biggest thing probably working for Man with a Plan at the moment is the simple fact that CBS is in the midst of a comedy shake-up with The Big Bang Theory ending. Assuming that Happy Together is for sure canceled (likely) and that Murphy Brown doesn’t come back, that’s three half-hours they will need to fill. One of those spots could go to Man with a Plan — if nothing else, it could be another midseason entry in the event that some new series fail to draw big ratings once more. Life in Pieces or Fam could end up being in a similar situation here.

If there is a fear here, it’s that CBS maybe scales back from three hours of comedy to two, a possibility given that not all of their comedies are drawing huge ratings anymore, especially with the flagship Big Bang Theory being gone. A lot of their decision-making will probably come down to the quality of some of their new comedies, but then to go along with that if they have a new drama that is so good, they want to replace two hours of comedy with it. We’ll get a better sense of this at some point next week, given that this is when CBS is going to hold their annual upfront presentation in New York City. You’ll also know the fate of Man with a Plan by then — you could even learn come Friday, which is when a lot of networks choose to hand down cancellations.

Why Friday? It’s basically a way for major networks to try and bury bad news, since it spares them the embarrassment of having to announce it at a time when a lot of people will be thinking about it.

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