Game of Thrones edits out coffee cup gaffe from future HBO airings

Game of ThronesJust in case you were wondering if Game of Thrones would continue to make you crave a cup of joe, we’ve now got an answer.

Earlier today, HBO officially removed the coffee cup (pictured above) from all future airings of season 8 episode 4, meaning that you will no longer be distracted by it sitting there in any scenes with Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington in the midst of the post-Battle of Winterfell celebration. The gaffe first showed up on social media during the initial airing of the episode, and soon took over the internet after the fact. Apparently, it was just an errant cup from craft services left behind (despite the jokes that are out there, it’s not actually Starbucks), and of course, it’s something that is embarrassing for the show’s crew who have precisely worked already in order to ensure that nothing like this happened. We knew that it would be edited out almost because of that from the very moment that it was first announced. If you’re working on the show, the last thing that you want is a situation where you have to deal with something like this where you become the subject of ridicule.

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Ultimately, thought, we think that this was one of those rare gaffes most of the internet can get behind. While it’s a bad mistake, we’d be shocked if anyone out there thinks significantly less of Game of Thrones because of it. This is a show that’s done quite possibly one of the most ambitious things in television history over the past couple of years — they’ve staged enormous battles and taken you on a visual journey the likes of which we’ve never seen before. To have all of that, and our suspension of belief, cut off by just one coffee cup just feels a little bit absurd. We’re not altogether worried about it causing us to lose our excitement over the show in the long-term.

Of course, now that we’ve spelled all of this out, we’re sure that there are people out there who are going to be looking at everything when it comes to Game of Thrones with as fine-toothed a comb as possible. Nobody wants to be in a situation where something like this happens all over again. The focus, more than likely, on these final two episodes will be on the quality of the storytelling, as opposed to anything that is going on in regards to a coffee cup.

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