Lucifer season 5 renewal hopes: How to make it happen at Netflix

LuciferCome this time tomorrow, there’s a good chance that many of you are already going to be several episodes deep into Lucifer season 4! Heck, there’s a chance that a few lucky souls and night owls may have already come close to finishing. That’s incredible, but for those who watch quickly, there’s an unfortunate reality that awaits you: Having to spend potentially another year waiting to see a possibly season 5.

Yet, there is also an advantage to such quick viewing, as well — you’re doing your part to make sure that a season 5 happens! That’s something that we should all do — watching ten episodes in 24 hours isn’t altogether essential, but there are certain things that we can all do in order to ensure that there is another batch of episodes coming.

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Remember this first – While Netflix has done a pretty great job promoting Lucifer over the past couple of weeks, let’s not mistake this for some sort of stamp of approval for anything beyond season 4. This is a streaming service that has, over the past year, canceled such favorites as Daredevil, Santa Clarita Diet, One Day at a Time, Everything Sucks!, Jessica Jones, The Good Cop, and a number of other shows. They’re not afraid to cancel things, so you can’t just be complacent in thinking that a season 4 will automatically mean a season 5. We think that Netflix would like to do at least one more seaosn, but they’ll gauge the show’s performance before making a decision.

What Netflix cares about – The primary thing is that there are a considerable amount of viewers watching the show, but also the whole season of a show. Is it great if, for example, two million people watch the first episode of season 4? Sure, but if only 500,000 people watch the finale within a three-month period, that may not help them. It’s more helpful in a way if 1 million people watch the entire season from start to finish, since you know that those million people are still engaged and may watch season 5.

Urgency is reasonably important with Netflix shows, especially when they are often making renewal/cancellation decisions within a few months of a season coming out. It’s okay if it takes you a few weeks to get through ten episodes; we don’t think Netflix penalizes a show for people not burning through the whole thing in a few days. Yet, if they’re not seeing great numbers through a couple of months, that’s a little bit more problematic. Keep pushing and promoting the show to your friends and family, and also use the hashtags of #Lucifer and also #LuciferSeason4 in order to chart a lot of social traffic onto just a couple of hashtags. Make sure that this is an army that is both loud and also heard.

When we anticipate a decision – If Lucifer wants to keep a similar schedule for season 5 that they had in season 4, it would be helpful if there was renewal news within a couple of months. The writers (or at least the showrunners) can start preparing a little early, but season 4 began filming in mid-August. You need a decent turnaround on a renewal to keep a similar timeline. Waiting more than a year between seasons isn’t something that Lucifer as a show needs to do.

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