Mindhunter season 2: Are we getting closer to a premiere date?

Mindhunter season 2 premiere dateAt the moment, one thing feels quite clear: The wait for Mindhunter season 2 has been a long one. We’ve been curious for a good while now to learn when this show would be making its way back to the air but, unfortunately, the folks over at Netflix are keeping things under a lock and key for as long as they possibly can.

Even now, it doesn’t appear as though an official release date is locked-in, but we at least have a good sense of a somewhat approximate start time. During a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show promoting her new movie Long Shot, Charlize Theron (who is an executive producer on the series) made it clear that the second season is coming out in August. While that could obviously change, it’s at least a welcome sign that you could get more of the serial killer drama before the fall season begins again.

What’s also comforting about that date is that it could actually give you a little bit more time to go back and watch the show in the event that you haven’t watched it in well over a year — which is certainly understandable. Even though season 2 has been in the works for quite some time, the show has done a fairly good job of keeping some of the finer details under wraps. That contributes to the element of surprise, but what makes that so interesting here is that with so much of this show based on history, there really isn’t all that much of a need in having an element of surprise. Technically, all Mindhunter really needs to do is figure out a way to tell interesting stories built around classic serial killers and they’re going to manage to keep everyone on board.

The larger concern that we’ve got for the show at present is simply this: Distance may not make the heart grow fonder. Because of how long of a wait we’ve had from the end of season 1, how much enthusiasm will there be in season 2? Mindhunter may be a quality show, but at a certain point you have to wonder if viewers will have forgotten about it. We’re also in the midst of an era now where Netflix is, as a service, perhaps far more merciless than they’ve ever been before. They’re showing a willingness to end shows so much earlier than they were previously, and that’s something else that is worth considering — we don’t want to see it last only two seasons, but in the specter of One Day at a Time and Daredevil ending, we recognize that just about anything is possible.

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