‘Hart of Dixie’ review: Making music and major moves

If there was a show that felt a little bit more like a romantic comedy with each passing week, it’s “Hart of Dixie.” Really, though, this is not a bad thing by any means. There aren’t many other network shows out there that give us a little bit of humor with heart, and don’t treat themselves too seriously or give themselves some storylines that make you incredibly depressed just as the day is starting to wind down a little bit.

So what was this episode really about? Think of it as the Alabama version of “American Idol,” as we watched  Zoe spent most of the episode trying to resist the charms of Wade as she worked to look for a worthy headlining act so that rose would impress most of her fellow classmates. Did they find anyone? Not really; instead, just saw one of Wade’s really angry exes.

While these two (plus a tagalong Rose) went on this trip, Lemon was back in Bluebell trying her absolute hardest to prove to herself and her father that she could do honest work as a waitress. The problem? She really just wasn’t very good at it. As a matter of cat, she was horrendous, and was even fired before her father showed up for dinner. While she was busy serving his date something that she was allergic to, their were a few awkward moments in here with George … who just so turned out to be the singer at the end of the episode everyone was looking for (though we did also get an opportunity to hear Claudia Lee sing as Magnolia for the first time).

The biggest shocker of the episode? That Lavon has competition now when it comes to his position as mayor via Ruby … and in between that and Zoe still stuck in first gear with Wade, we had ourselves a rather fun hour of television.

What did you think about this installment?

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