The Resident season 2 finale review: Who died, Kyle or Jessie?

The Resident season 2

Entering The Resident season 2 finale, we knew that things were going to be getting crazy. After all, we knew that the life of Nic’s sister Jessie was on the line, and without the help of her father Kyle, there was going to be no way in order to save her.

Here’s the good news — after Nic tracked him down and paid him a personal visit, she was able to convince Kyle to reconsider and give up a kidney. The other good is this: Eventually, Kyle showed up at Chastain willing to go through with the operation. The unfortunate news is simply this: Due to the behavior of an anesthesiologist away from the hospital, this put the entire procedure at risk. The doctor passed out during surgery and for a few minutes, things were touch and go. This was also a really bad look for the hospital, given that they had an addict on staff.

Yet, despite the setback, there was some good news: The transplant was successful and, on the other side of that, there was hope for a recovery.

At the end of the episode, Nic was faced to confront of the feelings swirling around in her head — ones for her father and also ones for her sister. Also, ones for Conrad, who she wanted to commit to in a larger way, but on her terms. She’s been through so much in her life and with that in mind, it was fair to hope for some sort of relief.

Did she get it? Well, not in the way that she would have wanted. In the closing minutes of the episode, Conrad did everything that he could to operate on some within her family … but who was it/ The show kept that identity a secret, and they are gone. That’s it. That’s your mystery. (For us, our theory is that Kyle died, hence the elaborate montage.)

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Dr. Bell shows his kinder side

After an unidentified man turned up at the hospital with no real memory or name recognition, Dr. Bell debated what to do with him. Why? It goes a little something like this — the hospital’s in the red and he didn’t want to bleed it any drier. Yet, after conversations with Devon and hearing the man’s cry for help, he realized the right thing for him to do — try to actually help this man get better if at all possible. He operated on him, regardless of the financial cost.

In speaking of finances, Dr. Bell learned at the end of the episode that if he “merges” with Red Rock Medical, what that would mean is that he would lose a lot of authority. He’d still be CEO, but would it really be a figurehead position more than anything else?

Meanwhile, for Mina she found herself having a hard time with the news that Micah was back in the hospital and AJ didn’t want her working on the case at first. This forced her to confront the fact that she still had feelings, but was happy he ended up okay.

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