The Resident season 3 premiere date hopes for Matt Czuchry, cast

The ResidentWith tonight marking the end of The Resident season 2, now does feel like the right time to have a season 3 conversation. We know that we’re getting one, but what about the premiere date? What about what could happen next?

The obvious thing to say right now is that you shouldn’t be sitting around and waiting for news on The Resident season 3. It’s not going to be coming anytime soon, as there’s no reason for Fox to do that. We’re still in the formative stages of preparing for next season, and we won’t have any official news on story elements for some time. The first thing we’ll likely find out about is the timeslot, and that’s something that could come to light later this month! Networks love to do their big upfront presentations to disclose the schedule, so you’ll learn then if The Resident is on the fall schedule. (Given that we haven’t heard anything about there being a shortened run, we currently expect for it to be. We wouldn’t be shocked if it even remains in the same 8:00 p.m. Eastern timeslot.)

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As for a specific The Resident season 3 premiere date, that will probably come your way this summer — but go ahead and mark down Monday, September 23 as a possibility. That just feels like a feasible first day of the fall season — if not then, why not have it start on September 30? Both feel viable in our eyes. We’ll probably get a chunk of new episodes this fall, and then also another one in the winter and spring with breaks in between. Think in terms of your typical, standard TV fare.

Now, let’s think for a moment about the story. Without spoiling the season 2 finale, what stories could the writers bring to the table? For starters, bringing back Conrad’s father for an arc would be nice since the tension and healing that we’ve seen from the two is very appreciated. It offers up a different feeling and vibe. We imagine that there will be a new character or two that enters the picture, as well, and we’d like to see stories that deal more with hospital politics, leadership, and also trying to figure out for each character what the future holds.

Romantically, we do also want to see something emerge that is a little more stable for Conrad and Nic. It really feels at this point like there is only so long the show can preserve their current pattern of bringing them closer together, only to then push the two of them further apart. Given that they are so beloved together, you’ve also put yourself into a situation where you can’t just pull them apart anymore since that’s not going to work all that well for you, either. There are a lot of great stories that could come from the two in a more permanent relationship and we hope that the writers navigate the story more in that direction.

Also, can this be the season where AJ and Mina really start to explore the idea of being together, coupled with of course the ramifications that come from such a relationship? It’s fair to assume that doing this will produce some sort of ripple effect to their job given their mentor/mentee relationship, plus also the fact that they spend so much time in the operating room together.

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