Designated Survivor season 3 art: Kiefer Sutherland front and center

Designated SurvivorLeading up to the premiere of Designated Survivor season 3 next month on Netflix, we’re getting another glimpse of how the streaming service wants to premiere it. Let’s just say that the manner in which they’re doing so shouldn’t really come across as all that much of a surprise.

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If you look at the bottom of this article, you can get a glimpse of a poster that puts Kiefer Sutherland at the center of everything. Given that he is the Designated Survivor in the show’s title, and Tom Kirkman’s journey is going to be at the center of everything. The message here at the bottom of the poster is “declare your independence,” and we like to think that this is some sort of message related to where the show is at the moment at Netflix. It’s also obviously a central tenet to America’s independence and is a big part of what ultimately makes this show special.

Entering season 3, at the center of the story will be Kirkman trying to figure out if he can be a properly elected President. That includes going through a difficult process of campaigning and speaking to everyone in the country about why you are best. This is the first time that Tom has been forced to go through this sort of process and everything that comes with it — think along the lines of fake news, campaign messiness, and people wanting to push him every-which-way.

Of course, to go along with the campaign, we have some other issues to think about. Think along the lines of the typical stuff that tends to happen these days — domestic terrorism, political conflicts, and of course dealing with delicate international relations. While the campaign may be at the center of the upcoming season, Designated Survivor isn’t going to move past its standard DNA. We’re going to see this show continued to do precisely what it did the first couple of years, just potentially with another layer of edginess and drama. This is a show that wants to make the best of its second opportunity after it was canceled by ABC following this past season of TV.

As for the decision to not include any other characters, we imagine that Netflix realized that Sutherland, being the former Jack Bauer that he is, needs to be the primary selling point. To go along with that, most of the other characters who are present in the story at the moment are there for the sake of supporting the President.

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