Designated Survivor season 3 trailer analysis: Can Kirkman run a campaign?

Designated SurvivorYou’ve waited for it, you’ve speculated about it, and it’s finally here: The official Designated Survivor season 3 trailer.

If you look below, you can see what is a spectacular look behind the curtain of one of Netflix’s biggest acquisitions, a political thriller that’s about to become all the more thrilling now that it has found a new home for itself.

At the center of season 3, at least in terms of what the trailer presents, is an issue of Tom Kirkman as an electable figure. Is he? This is someone who never ran an election to be President, and never had any intention of ever taking on this role in the first place. He’s found himself at the center of a Government in shambles, trying to find a way to keep things afloat amidst a great deal of chaos and changing times. He’s still there, and moving into the start of season 3, he has to show that he should remain there. The American people now have a choice, and he has to show that he understands them. He has to make them feel like they are heard and understood.

No matter how you look at this upcoming season, it certainly feels like it’s going to be as intense as they come. This season marks an opportunity to see Tom Kirkman pushed to the brink, really to the point where he wonders whether or not there is a path for him to even be President when he’s done with the latest round of scandals. There’s going to be controversy surrounding a possible Vice Presidential picks, a threat in the form of fake news, and also potential domestic terrorism and other issues that are plaguing all of North America. We even get the sense from the trailer that there is a threat presenting itself in Toronto — which is only fitting, given that this is where season 3 filmed. It’s certainly a fitting place for Kiefer Sutherland to be, given that he spent much of his childhood in Ontario.

Will this show be different on Netflix?

Thematically, not so much — we don’t anticipate that the central tenets of what made Designated Survivor what it was on Netflix will change all that much. We are still writing here about a political thriller where complicated alliances, espionage, and the struggles to keep a country afloat reign supreme. There may just be a little more swearing to go along with it. Netflix allows for the content to have fewer limitations, so if there was a subject that they felt was a little bit too delicate for ABC, it could be handled and taken on with great excitement over at the streaming service.

Designated Survivor season 3 will be streaming in its entirety come June 7, so we’d highly suggest that you prepare yourself accordingly. The first two seasons are currently available, so there’s plenty of time to re-watch!

Want to read up more on Designated Survivor while you wait?

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What do you think about the new Designated Survivor season 3 trailer, and is there anything that excites you about the road to come? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to stay tuned for some further news. (Photo: Netflix.)

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