Outlander season 5 filming update, Sam Heughan’s gala, and new photo!

Outlander season 4

Happy Monday! The week is underway and this edition of Outlander notes is freshly-prepared for you to enjoy!

Let’s kick things off here a little more news regarding season 5 and its production — the first block of filming is almost done! If the blocks are being constituted in a way in which they were for season 4, that means that the first two episodes of the season are close to being wrapped up! Following that, there’s obviously still a lot more to do, but this would keep the show on a timeline where, provided there are no breaks in between, they could be wrapped up before the holidays. Because of having only 12 episodes this season as opposed to the 13 we’ve seen in the past, that goal is a little bit more feasible.

Sam Heughan was the one to break the news about season 5’s production progress on his Instagram, where he also shared the production teaser that was first viewing ahead of the (excellent) premiere of The Spanish Princess on Starz. While it seems like the network’s subscribers got first dibs on viewing it, we’re glad that it’s now out there universally for everyone to check out.

Just in case all of this content doesn’t get you hyped enough, also behold the new photo! This was posted via TVInsider, and it features the greater Fraser – MacKenzie clan, including baby Jemmy in Jamie’s arms! This gives you a good sense of how all of these characters are preparing for life out in the wilderness at Fraser’s Ridge, which seems to us to be where this photo was snapped. The costumes are on point and now, we simply can’t wait to see more

As for some other news…

Last night was the official formal My Peak Challenge gala! This is an event hyped up by Heughan for some time, and he’s got some great highlights over on his Instagram Stories that are worth checking out. There was even a surprise appearance from none other than Graham McTavish during the celebration — we already knew that he was nearby much of the cast, courtesy of a photo we’d seen with him and Duncan Lacroix.

If you love Graham, this seems like as good a time as any to remind you that he’s going to be featured in the upcoming fourth season of Lucifer, which drops in the US this Wednesday! While we’re sure that his character of Father Kenley doesn’t have a lot in common with Dougal, we’re sure that he is quite entertaining nonetheless.

Congrats to Heughan and the rest of the MPC team for what was certainly an exciting weekend — we’re sure that everyone in attendance had an incredible time at all of the festivities!

Photo: Starz

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