Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Adam Pike talks his fourth-place finish

Adam PikeThere’s no denying that Adam Pike made his mark on Big Brother Canada 7 in a fairly substantial way. He won a massive amount of competitions throughout the season, the Pretty Boys alliance was in a great deal of control, and he also seemed to be well-liked by a good bit of the jury.

Ultimately, Adam’s biggest flaw throughout the season may have been his loyalty to his original alliance — especially since some of them were not as loyal to him. Dane and Anthony had a chance to take him out at the final four, and after Dane ended up winning Head of Household and the Veto, Anthony cast the vote to evict him.

In our exit interview below, Adam talks about if he has any regret over what transpired over the vote, and also how he feels his game changed following the exit of Sam.

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How are you feeling about your time in the house in retrospect?

Adam – Being a massive fan of the show, I am really, really proud of [everything I did] in that house.

Are you bitter towards anyone for your eviction?

Nope. Not at all. I definitely understand that they thought they couldn’t beat me, and I feel like the people who are in the final three deserve to be there.

Is there a move that you wish you made but didn’t?

No, there’s nothing that I would change. I did everything that I said that I wanted to do before going into that house. I got to go far with the boys, and the goal was top four. I definitely don’t regret it.

Who out of the final four did you want to go to the end against, and why?

I wanted the best two to sit in the final two chairs, and that was me and Dane. Even though I may not have beaten him, I wanted the people who played the game the best to go to final two.

Do you wish you had a little more time to campaign in the house?

No, because I get it. They already had their minds made up. I made a really good case to Anthony right before I left, and I don’t think any more time would’ve helped me.

How much did Sam leaving change your game?

It changed my game a lot. I started focusing on the pretty boys 100%. When Sam was in the game, everything was about Sam. I definitely played the first half of the season just in love.

Do you want to pursue things with Sam outside the game?

100%. I can’t wait for it.

What did you learn about yourself through this whole process?

That I am very emotional — and I cry a lot.

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