How When Calls the Heart wrote out Lori Loughlin’s Abigail

When Calls the HeartTonight, When Calls the Heart aired the first episode following the departure of Lori Loughlin, and there was one clear objective: Thinking of the best possible way to write Abigail out. This wasn’t an easy thing to do, given that the writers had to come up with a way in which to do so that doesn’t involve punishing Abigail for Loughlin’s alleged actions in the real world.

What we know about Abigail is that she is loving, caring, and she wants the best for everyone who is around her — that did not change in the story tonight. That’s why the writers chose to have Abigail and Cody depart to take care of her mother. It’s going to be an extended absence, most likely, but it’s one that makes sense for the character and her true nature. She would do something like this, and eventually, life in Hope Valley will go on.

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One of the best things about this decision is that the writers took care of the news quickly — they didn’t make any viewer wait for a long period of time in order to learn the truth. Also, we think that this gives all of the other characters the opportunity to move forward and viewers can focus on their stories.

In theory, this reveal does make it so that the show could eventually bring Abigail back, if they so choose, but there are a number of other hurdles to go through first. For starters, Loughlin needs to make it through her current legal case, and then beyond just that, Hallmark Channel would need to welcome her back — after all, she was dismissed from the position already some of the first reports started to come through. There are a lot of steps that would need to happen to get the team from point A to point B.

For now, the biggest thing that we’d say is to just enjoy the rest of the season, and relish in the fact that there already is a season 7. If there are any other scenes that were coming up this season and they featured Abigail, they’ve all been taken out in the edit. There are also some minor reshoots coming in order to rework the plot so that it no longer includes her.

All of this may of course be painful for viewers, since more than likely, they’d love Loughlin to stick around if at all possible. Tonight’s move basically represents the showrunners doing what they could with a difficult situation.

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