The Flash season 5 episode 21 video: The Cicada plot … & consequences

Flash season 4Tuesday night’s new episode of The Flash is entitled “The Girl with the Red Lighting,” but really, we wonder instead if it’s about Cicada — and also trying to figure out the right way to take her down.

Yet, in the midst of all of this, we also have to ask another question: What’s coming on the other side of Cicada, and just how much will the course of this season change history. We’ve gotten through most of the season without thinking too much about it, but it’s kind of hard to avoid it now.

Here is where we are with the situation — if there’s a way for Barry Allen to stop Cicada, something that apparently evaded him in some other timelines, what does this mean for the future? Beyond that, what does Crisis on Infinite Earths being moved up change for the future? One of the more interesting theories out there is that Nora will cease to exist because of changes in the present timeline — or if she does exist, it’s not exactly the same as how she was previously. The show has gotta change something as a result of this, right? We have to think so. One possibility is that Barry and Iris could have twins now as they do in the comics, or that Iris could get pregnant a little bit earlier in this timeline than she did originally.

Ultimately, we recognize that there are some other issues that need to be looked at first, primarily seeing how to stop Cicada II from destroying just about every meta-human that is in Central City. Apparently, someone’s got the idea to bring all of them into the police headquarters as a means to protect them; yet, who wants to bet that this is going to go terribly wrong? Typically, rounding people together in a single spot is bad news, and if Cicada infiltrates it, they’re all dead. Basically, the thing that Team Flash is going to need to figure out instead is how to stop this anti-cure from getting out and hurting everyone in the first place — including themselves.

Here’s an easy prediction — everyone is going to find a way to get through this, but then find another threat on the other side of it in Reverse Flash. He remains Barry’s most iconic nemesis and from the moment that he was first brought back this season, you had to imagine that this was where things were going. A battle of speedster vs. speedster seemed to always be in the cards, and we’re not surprised that we got to this place.

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