The Resident season 2 finale video: Are Nic’s father AND sister in danger?

Emily VanCampThe Resident season 2 finale is going to be creeping up on you Monday night, and it seems like there’s one primary word to describe it: Danger. Or, we could expand that outwards as a lot of danger.

Entering the finale, it was clear that we were going to see the character of Jessie in danger. She needs a new kidney, after all, and when you’re dealing with a crisis like this, it’s going to be all hands on deck in order to ensure that you find someone who can help. Nic can’t stomach working with an organ broker, and that only leaves one possibility: Going and trying to plead with her father to come through. Remember, this is the same man in Kyle who previously proclaimed that he did not want to help, mostly because he felt like she was a recovering addict who would fall off the wagon again and waste it.

Based on the promo below for tomorrow night’s episode, it feels fair to think that Kyle may be changing his mind — or at least considering it. You see the man in here seemingly being carted off to surgery, one that may even feature the esteemed Dr. Austin at the start of it. Everyone on the surface seems sterile and safe, as it often does — Kyle’s in the best hands!

Then, of course something shocking happens — a nurse passes out, which could throw some of the OR into crisis depending on her condition … and then in turn Kyle into crisis. With Jessie’s life already in danger, we now have a situation here where Nic is in danger of losing both her sister and her father within the span of a single episode. This is the production team deciding to throw EVERYTHING up against the wall in the hopes of getting one of the best Emily VanCamp performances possible. For the record, she’s going to kill this. Nic is a loving, caring person, but one of the reasons she’s been like that is that she’s had so much to fight for. Her father was never great at her job, but she has done everything that she can throughout her life to get Jessie in an okay place. We can’t even imagine where she would be at mentally if she were to lose her.

So what else is happening within the finale?

Remember the financial crisis at Chastain last week? There is no guarantee that this is over. We do think that Conrad likely gave Dr. Bell a “donation” to the hospital to allow Jessie to come on the transplant list, but odds are, Conrad can’t afford to keep a hospital running himself. (If it wasn’t clear, we are being totally facetious here.) He’s going to need a lot of help, and a hospital merge could prove itself to be on the horizon.

For some more details all about this final episode of the season, you don’t have to look any further than the link here.

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