Blue Bloods season 9 finale promo breakdown: About the wedding!

Blue Bloods season 9

The Blue Bloods season 9 finale is set to arrive on CBS in just six days. Commence the countdowns! Commence the celebratory balloon launches! Everything in the world that is joyous is preparing you for this day where we can all collectively celebrate. “Something Blue” is the perfect title for this ceremony, one that we certainly expect to be romantic — but also to have a number of other components to it as well.

At the bottom of this article, you can see the first promo for the big episode — it is incredibly short, but we do still think that there are some lovely little moments in here that are worth pointing out in here … at least if you love romance, or if you love the characters of Jamie & Eddie.

1. Look at the crowd – This is probably the most impressive part of this entire clip — just how many people are in the church to see these two tie the knot. Obviously, there were a lot of extras on hand for the occasion, but if you peak into the crowd you should at least some familiar faces. You get at least a brief shot of them within the first couple of seconds.

2. The ascot choice – Why opt for the ascot look at the wedding? It’s a bit of a surprising move, since ascots are not frequently worn at many ceremonies these days, though they are best known for daytime weddings. It may be a nod to the Reagan family’s European origin, or it may also just be a unique way to bring all of the Reagan men together. Typically, with weddings it’s of course the bride who stands out the most. Yet, given just how many men there are at the center of the show, this may have just been a clever way so that they could also take center stage.

3. Look who’s back! – We’ve noted before that We would see both Jack and Sean Reagan back for the end of the season, and that does seem to be verified by toast in the closing seconds of the episode. You can see both of Danny’s sons at the table alongside Eddie’s mother Lena — because of the events from last night, you know why her father is not in attendance.

What makes you the most excited within this new Blue Bloods season 9 finale promo? Let us know your thoughts below, and remember to keep checking back — we’ll have more news on this episode once there’s more to report.

(Photo: CBS.)

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