Band Chapter 13 gets Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent

Tonight, Britain’s Got Talent had a chance to hand down one more Golden Buzzer courtesy of Amanda Holden — we just had to find out if there was going to be someone worthy of getting it. There’s been a good bit of talent so far this season, but we weren’t entirely sure what direction Amanda would go with this. Would she choose someone who is a little bit often the beaten path, or a little bit more of a “traditional” talent, someone who you could look at, identify, and then fully understand why they got to this point?

We’ll admit that really, we didn’t have too much of an idea as to what Amanda was going to look for this time around — she could opt for someone musical, but there were also acts in this competition who are weird, funny, and incredibly creative.

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So who did Amanda end up going for? Think along the lines of Chapter 13. They are a band who originally met doing School of Rock together and they now are performing together as a surprisingly-good group given their age. The most important thing about a group in their teens like this is that they have to be judged like any other music act. It’s not a “look how good they are for their age” situation. They were polished, well-tuned, and the vocals were legitimately good. They also felt like they understood what it means to have a good stage presence. They performed a TON of songs in a short period of time, as well.

Obviously, we don’t think we have to spell this out — they’re going to be really popular with a lot of young people in Britain and they are serious contenders to win. They’re musically inclined and they’re going to have a fan base behind them immediately. We also think that there is a little bit of an advantage that comes from them performing so late, mostly in that they’ll be remembered as we gear up for some of the live shows. You better be watching out for them in the future.

While we do see a lot of singers get Golden Buzzers on the show, we actually don’t see a lot of legitimate bands get them — in general, bands don’t tend to do well on this show since they struggle with the time commitments and having everyone on the same page. We’ll see where they go from here.

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