Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 12: Ranking the top 6!

Edge of ExtinctionCome Wednesday night, we’re going to see the Survivor: Edge of Extinction top 6 in action! We’re at an intriguing spot in the game now given that other than Rick Devens, there are no obvious threats left! Therefore, if he wins immunity or plays an idol, there’s going to be a lot of chaos elsewhere.

Before we rank these remaining players, remember that we’re trying to weigh out many factors here, including your chances of winning the game coupled also with your ability to get there and also social/strategic game so far. It’s a complicated equation really, but here’s how we feel overall about these players at this particular moment in time.

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6. Aurora McCreary – We do think her looking through Devens’ bag is a sign that she is playing this game. However, we don’t necessarily think that she’s playing it in a way that is conducive to her really getting a lot of votes at the end. We just don’t see the social game here, even if we do appreciate her stirring things up here and there around camp.

5. Julie Rosenberg – She does have a champion for her on the jury on Ron, and she was at least involved in at least enough strategic decisions for us to feel like she’s got a reasonable chance of making a couple of good arguments at the end. Yet, is she really going to be capable of beating some of the people who are left? We’re not so sure of that at the moment.

4. Rick Devens – The best thing that Rick has going for him is that he’s won immunity challenges before, and we’ve also seen him just find a hidden immunity idol. He could easily do either one of these things again. The problem is that we’re still so far from the end of the game where it’s hard to have confidence in his ability to go on some epic run from here to the final three, especially when he’d be the consensus winner on the other side.

3. Gavin Whitson – Gavin has played a really good game, but we almost wonder if his recent challenge prowess will come back to bit him. He’s the most obvious challenge threat of the top three and with Ron gone, couldn’t he become the biggest target if he doesn’t win immunity? We worry a little bit about that.

2. Lauren O’Connell – If these players were smart, though, Lauren would probably be the target over Gavin — she’s got Kelley fighting for her on the jury, and we do think that she has a reasonably good chance of actually getting to the end and getting a number of jury votes. Also, she’s got an idol! It’s still so easy to forget about that based on everything that’s happening!

1. Victoria Baamonde – Her streak of voting correctly is over now, but that’s mostly because of a split-vote plan and Rick Devens playing an immunity idol. We do think that she’s savvy enough to make the right moves and also not an obvious threat to the point where she can make it to the very end.

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