Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 12 preview: Another mad dash

Edge of ExtinctionNext week on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 12, there’s obviously a cause for great excitement. We’re almost to the finale! This has been, without a doubt, one of the weirder seasons we’ve seen in some time. All of the iconic returning players are on Extinction, and in the actual game, it’s hard to really identify a single, dominant player. Wardog was a strategic mastermind, but he’s gone because he played himself into a corner. Meanwhile, Rick Devens pretty much needs luck and more challenges to make it any further since he’s such an easy person to send home.

Ultimately, our feeling entering episode 12 is the same as it was entering tonight’s installment — it’s either Rick winning or Rick going home. He did get out Ron and that was incredibly entertaining … but there was really only a one-week expiration date on that move. He’s gotta find another immunity idol now if he wants to save himself, and we’re just going to have to see if he can find out. It’s probably not the easiest thing in the world to find, but he’s done it before.

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So what’s coming per the promo for episode 12? Apparently, we’re going to be seeing a lot of crazy stuff coming up, and Extinction could even be involved! There was a lot happening in this preview, including Devens running some sort of odd mad-dash that suggests that he may have gotten some other clue to help push him forward. He’s probably run out of chances, but we love that he’s still fighting and hustling at this point.

Ultimately, what we want to see in episode 12 is simply this: Someone rising to the occasion and proving themselves to be a significant strategic threat down the stretch. Right now, we’re watching Victoria and Gavin in particular, since they’ve both proven to be smart, intelligent under-the-radar players. They are people who could still turn the tide and if we’re those two right now, we’d look towards making it to the end with Julie — that’s one of the better configurations that they have given that Aurora’s got friends over on the jury and going to the end with Lauren is a really bad idea when you consider all of her former tribe members that are over there.

We don’t exactly think we’re going to get the most exciting final three in the history of Survivor … but there could be some fun stuff that happens after that.

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