Criminal Minds series finale: Personal moments for characters, actors and for us

Criminal Minds season 13The Criminal Minds series finale is, sad to say, currently filming. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to think about, but that’s mostly because we’ve adored the show for the past fifteen years and never want to see it drift away.

Yet, we are facing the possibility of that goodbye now and because of that, we’re wondering a number of different things with this final episode. Take, for example, how the story can best tie up some of its loose ends … or also just how to make it about the people just as much as it is about the case.

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Criminal Minds has long been about UnSubs, and we don’t think that anyone who has watched this show for many years would ever deny that. However, it has also long been about the people who hunt them down. It’s about the heroes and getting a good sense of how they function and live outside the BAU. It’s about seeing characters like Reid and Rossi in the classroom, seeing Prentiss on a date with Mendoza, or getting a better chance to learn about Matt Simmons’ personal lives. It’s about how these people can find a way to decompress and go about the rest of their day after spending so many hours of it chasing some of the most dangerous people within the known world. This is no easy feat, and one that deserves all of the respect and admiration that one can possibly wonder.

We know that, to some degree, Criminal Minds is working to make the finale personal. The post on Twitter below via Kelly Frye confirms that Simmons’ wife Kristy will be in the final episode, and we’re hoping that this is a signal that some other family members can be included in here somewhere, as well. It would be worthwhile to see JJ with her kids, Rossi with Krystall, or Reid with his new love interest if she’s still around in the finale. (The whole Reid/JJ/Will situation is hopefully going to be resolved fairly early on in the season.) Even if we don’t necessarily see any former cast members within the final episode, it’d be worthwhile to see some of the recurring family who have been a part of the show for so long. We are still hoping for a Shemar Moore cameo in some shape or form, but he feels like Garcia’s family just as much as a one-time part of the BAU.

Just as season 14 ended with Rossi’s wedding, we certainly hope that the series finale will end with some sort of proper celebration in earnest of the greater Criminal Minds family coming together, breaking bread, and reflecting on their journey. Even if the team continues to go on and work for the BAU for years to come, there’s nothing wrong with having a moment to stop in and enjoy where we are before we even start to think about where we’re going. Criminal Minds is about danger, but also the family behind the danger. We can’t forget that.

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