MacGyver season 3 finale promo: Could someone actually die?

MacGyverAfter viewing the first MacGyver season 3 finale promo below, it’s going to be rather hard to feel confident in everyone making it to the other side of it alive. Elliot Mason, after all, is making sure of that…

So who is Mason? As we discuss in the video at the bottom of this article (if you enjoy this, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more), this is someone who is basically just as skilled as Angus MacGyver — just evil rather than good. We’ve already seen a little bit of his handiwork and he’s going to be out to create a personal scheme in this final episode. He’s out to possibly take a life of someone close to Mac and beyond that, he’s going to force Mac to actually make the choice himself. Is Mac going to actually sacrifice someone for the sake of making Mason go away?

Let’s start our discussion of here with that — we don’t see it. There’s almost no sensible reason for Mac to actually make that decision — knowing him, he will put his own life on the line before any other member of the team. There’s no reason to even debate between any of his friends since he would never do that to him. You can probably make an argument that his father would try to sacrifice himself if it meant that his son way okay, but even if that, we still think Mac would do everything that he could to stop Mason instead of throwing Oversight in the crosshairs.

The next question to wonder is simply this: Why does Mason want to destroy Mac’s life in the first place? this is not some villain who just seems out for world domination and he views Mac as some guy getting in his way. Some of these attacks, including the bomb in Oversight’s car, feel personal, like these people are being specifically targeted and honed-in on. One theory is that Mason is somehow jealous of what Team Phoenix has built, and his actions are a byproduct of some sort of innermost rage. (Think of this possibility almost as him being the MacGyver version of the Reverse Flash.) Meanwhile, another possibility that would make sense is if Mason and Oversight themselves have a history, one that Mac’s dad hasn’t shared, that leads to him wanting to act this way. Mason’s of an age where he and Oversight could have worked together decades ago and now, he’s just figured out that this is the best opportunity to strike and try to make his deadly move. That’s at least something that we cannot quite rule out, especially when some of the specific promotional material for the finale (read the synopsis here) suggests that there could be a rift that forms between Mac and his dad over some newly-learned information.

Luckily, we’ll get our answers to all of this next week — and hopefully, at some point along the way, there will also be answers on season 4.

What do you want to see when it comes to MacGyver and its season 3 finale, and who do you think could die at the end of it? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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