‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: Lily as Vanna White

After Monday night’s new episode of “How I Met Your Mother” really proved itself to be an episode very much themed around Marshall and Lily’s search for a perfect nanny, there is now another sort of issue that is going to be coming up for this coming episode: who is going to be the godparents for baby Marvin?

From the perspective of the godmother, there really only seems to be one choice that makes sense: Robin. She is not able to have kids of her own, so you have to think that she would be the most grateful for the honor. In addition to that, she is also really the only other consistent female presence on this show besides Lily. It’s not like there is another choice that would make this a good competition.

As for the field of godfather, this is where we think the hilarious wheel shown off here by Lily is going to be instituted. Ted and Barney are always in competition to be the best at everything, so the honor of “best godparent” is going to be something that they end up fighting for in a steel cage match to the death … at least metaphorically. Eventually, we do think that at one point one of them will succeed, and it could be Barney solely for the reason that Ted is in a relationship with Victoria, whereas Barney at the time of this episode is not going to be anywhere near being on the path to having children, even if you may not want him teaching your kid all about ways to pick up nannies on the internet.

Do you think the idea of a godparent competition is going to be the sort of hilarity that leads to some absolutely brilliant competition when it comes to the show?

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