Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21 review: Is Eddie’s dad a wedding guest?

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21 delivered a fascinating case revolving around powerful twins, but then also one of the more personal debates that we’ve seen one Jamie Reagan get into.

Let’s start with Jamie, mostly because this story had the highest potential for him to shove his foot so far into his mouth, he wouldn’t be able to see the other side. After visiting Eddie’s father Armin in prison, he became convinced that it would be this grand, novel idea to have him actually turn up and attend his big nuptials. The problem here, of course, is actually rather simple: It’s not a good idea. It’s a terrible idea in fact, especially the part where he doesn’t tell Eddie about it in advance. If he wants to make this happen, he needs to go to her with it first.

Jamie broke the news to Eddie about both visiting her father and then him wanting to be there — as it turns out, he lied to Jamie about a “stack of letters” from Eddie where she supposedly wanted him to be there. That never happened. She was nervous about it, but eventually, she visited Armin with Jamie in prison and, at that point, she realized that due to a specific choice of words, he was up to something. He was trying to score something big, like a possible way out.

In getting back to the twin case, the challenge for Danny is pretty simple: He’s trying to figure out which of the two twins was responsible for the murder, given that the DNA for one of them was on the murder weapon. The challenge here is that because the DNA for the two twins was exactly the same, that put Erin in a position where she couldn’t properly prosecute.

In the end, tonight’s episode for Danny and Baez came down to some old-fashioned policework. That was the only was to determine whether it was Seth or Steve who was actually responsible for a murder. As it turns out, we may have had a case of an old-fashioned switcheroo. They had an opportunity to try to pin down one of the brothers for a crime … or so they thought. These two continued to fight for each other but rather than be arrested, they then killed each other. That was it.

The case of the missing package

Tonight, we had one of the bigger Henry storylines of the year, as he couldn’t figure out what happened to Nicky’s graduation present. It was on his doorstep, and then it wasn’t. As it turns out, the granddaughter of his neighbor Janice, an addict, took it and was probably getting ready to hawk it for cash. She encouraged him to report it — yet, he didn’t want to. Instead, he wanted to help her. He wanted to make sure that she got off to rehab and there is a chance for absolute forgiveness.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a chance for that to happen as Alexis died, just one day after saying she wanted to get better and wanted to get clean — this was painful.

Nicky, meanwhile, wanted to take a job within the Justice Coalition upon her graduation — she was excited about the idea of someone wanting her … but with the Coalition, there was always an angle. He was able to determine that there was a larger goal here, and he wasn’t going to let family get in the way of anything. As it turns out, the brother of the Justice Coalition head is going to have a chance to go to the NYPD. This is somewhat funny, but certainly delicious.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s Blue Bloods episode had one of the most complicated mysteries that we’ve had with the twin brothers and, beyond just that, more clarity as to what’s going to happening with the wedding. we do think that the end of the twin story was a little bit cheesy, and certainly not something that we needed in order to tie this all together. But, we did like the juiciness of the story for Frank.

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