Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 22 review: Fin’s backstory, mom come into view

Law & Order: SVUTonight, Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 22 offered up a Fin episode like no other in “Diss.” We’ve seen examples before of big Ice T showcases, but there are few that really unlock as much history and pain in this guy’s life as this one.

This episode begins with an assault on a pop star named Dallas, someone who is at the peak of her career, but is also subject to a lot of internet hate — the same sort of typical garbage that people in her position are often subjected to. She tries her best to wade through it, but this is something she can’t recover from so easily.

The question that remains is simple — who did it? Is it Snake, her hip-hop artist husband who apparently goes to a secret place to get his rage out, and shout at various threats about what to do to her? That was the easiest read on the situation early on within this episode, but it just so turned out that while he used that place to vent and say horrible things, he never acted on them … though he has certainly done some terrible things to others over the years.

Beyond Snake, there was another suspect floating around out there in Banks (Snoop Dogg), a prolific artist who had taken part in many a rap battle against Snake in the public eye. The problem is that Banks had an alibi, even if it’s not one that he wanted to actually confess at first. That came after a long, tense back-and-forth. Eventually, the SVU found the person responsible of the crime, but we don’t actually think that this is the part of the episode most out there will remember.

Instead, it’s the history of Fin

As it turns out, Fin and Snake have a history that dates back to when they were younger and Snake’s mother took him in after the death of his mother. This is what tied him close to the case, but also what made it so darn complicated for him to work it. He couldn’t see anything clearly, or at least that is what the SVU originally thought. Yet, what they didn’t quite realize is that the personal connection to Snake actually made him more invested in this case. That helped to drive him — but even though Snake was innocent in this assault, Fin still knew what sort of guy he was. Even though he may have millions now, a big part of his heart is still in that old neighborhood — and that’s how he gets things done.

Snake may be a criminal, and someone who gets justice for wrongs that were committed. Yet, some of those wrongs were years ago, and for certain things — including what happened to his mother — Fin may be willing to look the other way.

CarterMatt Verdict

What was so fascinating about this story tonight was learning more about Fin’s background and how revenge seemed to drive at least one part of his journey to wearing a badge. In some ways, death is easy for those who commit crimes — having to stay locked up in prison, facing memory, is really an entirely different story. This was painful and Ice T killed it.

If there’s really only one part of the episode that proved to be a surprise, it’s this — how little Snoop was really in this. He was the subject of so much hype but really, he turned up only for a handful of minutes from start to finish.

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