Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21 spoilers: Henry’s ‘Identity’ storyline

Blue Bloods season 9

Just to give you one more reason to be stoked for Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21 airing on CBS this Friday, it ultimately stems from none other than Henry Reagan! We don’t get too many opportunities to see this character smiling in the spotlight, but here’s the good news — it’s happening, and it’s happening in a fairly substantial way on Friday.

For one big of evidence of it, just take a look at the sneak peek featuring him and Sean. It’s a bit of an unusual preview — how many times do we have on Blue Bloods a scene that does not feature any of the core four in Frank, Jamie, Erin, and Danny? It’s not all that often, but we remain a big fan of this show giving us as many different Len Cariou combinations as possible. The guy needs some more big stories and hopefully, this will at least satisfy those who’ve felt like there’s been a real lack of them as of late.

The sneak peek revolves around Henry being apparently confused as to the location of a package, only to learn soon after the fact that there is such a thing as porch pirates. Henry is so pure! Even though that he is the former New York City Police Commissioner, he still seems to think that there’s an idyllic world out there where nobody’s going to run up to his door and snatch things that there are there waiting for them.

So how does this connect to the other image that we’ve got above? That is very much the mystery now, but we can go ahead and tell you that the woman is the great soap legend Erika Slezak playing the role of Donna Duvall. Who could she be? We’ll go ahead and theorize that maybe she is somehow involved in the great package debate, and maybe she ends up being a new friend to the Henry character, or even a love interest. We wouldn’t be sad if that is something that he encounters late in life, as it is someone who could help to offer up a little bit more joy at a time when his life may occasionally be quite lonely. While he has his family dinners and the like to socialize, he’s also retired while everyone else within the family goes off and does a lot of other things during the day. What does he do in order to pass the time? We’ve maybe seen a little bit of it over the years, but there’s something more there.

Even if this story is somewhat brief and lighthearted, we’re happy to still get it. In between this and a Nicky storyline revolving around the Justice Coalition in this episode (read more over at the link here), it is a relief that some of the supporting characters are getting at least a small slice of the storylines they deserve within this episode. After all, remember that the finale’s going to bring the joy, the passion, and the celebration of the Jamie/Eddie wedding. There’s not going to be room for a whole lot else, at least for some of the regulars who don’t often get a sheer abundance of air time.

What do you want to see coming up on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 21? Be sure to share right away in the comments.

(Photo: CBS.)

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