Is Supernatural new tonight on The CW? Looking towards season 15

Supernatural season 13 posterIs Supernatural new tonight on The CW? Based on where the story is moving forward, you’re going to want more IMMEDAITELY — which, appropriately, is precisely what the writers for the series want at the moment.

Well, we should go ahead and get some of the bad news out of the way — the Jared Padalecki – Jensen Ackles series is not on the air. It’s done for the season and, more than likely, it’s done until October. At that point, the final episodes are going to air and through those, we’ll get a chance to finally learn the truth. Is the big twist with Chuck going to last — or, are we going to see Jack floating around the Empty for all eternity? Is he stuck there? Is God really going to be the Big Bad? Who are some of the former cast members/recurring players who could appear on the final season of the show?

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So if we are looking towards a timeline as to when some more news on Supernatural could come up, just think along the lines of this summer. There is really no reason to think that the CW series is going to lift the veil on anything sooner, mostly because there could be a strange, sadistic sort of value in keeping people wondering what’s going to be coming for as long as humanly possible. You want them raising some questions!

Filming for the final season will likely begin in July, and around that point, we’ll get some more news at Comic-Con. Typically, this is a treasure trove of cool stuff including teasers, plot scoop, and all sorts of good stuff — heck, at one year Kansas turned up in order to perform “Carry On My Wayward Son.” (For the record, it’s going to completely murder our soul to hear this one final time in the series finale — it feels like that moment is a-coming.)

Following that appearance, there should be a few more bits of casting information and plot teases that come out. If the pattern of the past few seasons of Supernatural makes it abundantly clear, the first new episode is going to try and unravel the events of the finale. Maybe there are a few episodes all about this storyline, but we like to think that at some point during this arc, there will be a chance to revert back to classic Supernatural. We want this show to still fill our brains with monsters and imagination. That’s the thing that may have enriched viewers more than anything. Why? It inspires them.

Expect to see when Supernatural season 15 to get a premiere date this summer; its precise spot in the schedule will be announced at the network’s upfront presentation.

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What do you think Supernatural is going to bring to the table moving into season 15? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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