Agents of SHIELD season 6 trailer: Who is Sarge? (theories)

Agents of SHIELDThe latest Agents of SHIELD season 6 trailer has come out courtesy of ABC, and we’ve already got a lot we’re wondering about.

Take, for example, this oh-so-simple question: Who is Sarge, and what is he bringing to the table? Obviously, he is played by none other than Clark Gregg, and he is out to presumably destroy worlds … or at least planet earth. He’s determined, calculated, and really unflinching — apparently, no one anywhere else in the universe has recognized his face, either. Why he looks like Coulson is something that hopefully will be unpacked over time — it may have something to do with the specific nature of his creation, or this is all some sort of a play so that he can land on Earth and move about fairly undetected.

It’s possible that Sarge is just a classic villain who is out to eradicate worlds that he doesn’t quite feel are living up to their potential, or he’s just a psychopath in general. Or, how about this as a theory? Is it possible that his presence has something to do with SHIELD effectively changing time in order to save the world? Maybe he is a consequence of some of their actions and him destroying the world = him trying to make things, in his mind, absolutely right. The name “Sarge” feels mostly intentional because of who he is and also what he represents to everyone: A militaristic presence. Someone who is there for a mission and someone who probably does have a commanding officer somewhere else.

While there will be some other SHIELD staples throughout the season — think in terms of humor and some great character moments — don’t be shocked if during the season, we have funny moments aplenty for some of the characters, or some classic battles on Earth. This show will make the most of every episode and only airing 13 episodes.

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The larger mystery for us

At the moment, it’s still why the producers opted to go with just a one-year time jump rather than (spoiler alert) the specific time jump that existed following the events of Avengers: Endgame. If we were to conjure up a theory on that, it’s that the show still wants there to be a little bit of emotional resonance following the death of Coulson, and moving the series forward too far may have made it a little less jarring for some of these characters, especially May, to see Phil in the flesh after his death.

Agents of SHIELD season 6 premieres on ABC come Friday, May 10 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’re going to have more coverage throughout the season, so be sure to stay tuned for more. While you wait, you can check out more on the premiere over at the link here.

What do you want to see in regards to Agents of SHIELD season 6, at least based on this new trailer? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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