Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 1 spoilers: First look at ‘Missing Pieces’

Agents of SHIELDAgents of SHIELD season 6 episode 1 is coming onto ABC on Friday, May 10 — we do have to wait a good while still for it, but we’ve got a feeling that it will prove to be worthwhile. (Yes, we fully recognize that the majority of people are more into Avengers: Endgame, but we’re TV people around these parts and this is, of course, what we’re going to be focusing on here.)

The first order of business for the new SHIELD, directed by Mack, is trying to figure out how they will be structured, and if there is a way to properly move forward. That’s something that is represented in the oh-so-short synopsis that was released this week via ABC: “Scattered across the galaxy, the team works to find their footing in the wake of losing Coulson.”

Obviously, there’s a great distance that some of these agents need to travel — and hopefully they do soon, given that we firmly believe everyone is so much stronger when they are actually all together. (Also, it’s a little less exciting to see the entire group dispersed off into a million or so places.)

The real test that we’re going to be seeing SHIELD run into in this upcoming episode goes a little bit something like this: Someone with Coulson’s face who is not actually Coulson. We still don’t know a lot about this new character — despite him being presented in some various teasers — but it doesn’t seem like he knows anything about SHIELD at all. Also, there’s a reasonably good chance that he could be incredibly dangerous.

Is it beneficial for the show to have this much mystery?

We go back and forth on it, given that from one vantage point, it’s cool that there are some question marks entering a new season and you’re giving people a tangible reason to be excited for what’s to come. However, there’s also still this question to think about: Whether ABC is putting too much of its marketing push on Clark Gregg’s new character. That will please diehard fans, but will it be enough to get anyone new checking out the show?

Ultimately, we’re just a little worried about the ratings here — it’s hard not to be since the show hasn’t been on in almost a year and more than that, it’s going to be airing on Fridays in the summer — hardly a great time for viewing. The main silver lining that it’s got at the moment is that it has that season 7 renewal so, really, there isn’t anything to be overly concerned about … beyond of course whether or not season 7 could be the end. Personally, we think there’s a good chance of that given that after season 7 is typically when it gets a whole lot more expensive to get a show on the air.

What are you the most interested in seeing when it comes to Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 1 over on ABC? Be sure to let us know right away in the comments and check back soon for more. (Photo: ABC.)

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