Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 23 video: Junior, Tani dance & it’s amazing

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16Just in case you needed another reason to be excited about Hawaii Five-0 season 9 episode 23, here you go: Junior and Tani dancing.

If the rest of the storyline is anywhere like what we have in the sneak peek below, it’s going to be amazing. What we know entering this episode is this: Junior is going to escort Tani to a wedding. What’s going on here? Well, we suppose that it’s possible in theory that there is some sort of secret undercover mission here … and it may be the mission for Junior to get his groove on. Just look at those moves! The man dances like he’s had a few drinks and he wants everyone to know!

There isn’t really all that much of a point to this sneak preview; yet, at the same time it’s probably one of the most entertaining things of all time. It’s just pure fun, and it is another reminder that these two really need to be together. They’re almost the perfect counterpoint to each other. In a lot of ways, Junior is very straight-laced when it comes to the job. Meanwhile, Tani’s more of a rebel. She’s not afraid to take risks and see what happens. She’s adventurous, and what’s so surprising here is that Junior apparently had this secret side lurking within him all along.

Maybe Junior’s trying to impress Tani with this ridiculousness? Or, maybe she’s one of the only people who he’s comfortable enough around to be himself. Either way, you can’t watch this and not smile … and think about how fire these two are together. They’ve taken their time building up this relationship and moving into season 10, we’d actually really love to see the two advance their relationship to the next level.

Think about things this way — often within the Peter Lenkov universe, you don’t see a lot of romance between series regulars. We had it for Steve and Catherine for a while when Michelle Borth was a major part of the show, but it’s not something that’s extremely present on MacGyver and nor is it something that is a fixture over on Magnum PI … at least for the time being. Maybe that’s something that is going to change down the road with one of these shows but we’re not quite there.

As for what else is coming in this episode…

There’s another cause for excitement at the moment in that Taryn Manning will be guest-starring here as Steve’s sister, which is the first time in a while that we’ve had a chance to see a prominent story featuring her. This could be fun, but beyond that, we’re hoping that it will be warm, personal, and a nice reminder of some earlier seasons of the show. This is all about nostalgia, and we say that knowing that really, this entire show is about nostalgia!

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