Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 7 preview: Jane’s off to Montana

Jane the Virgin season 4Curious about what’s coming on Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 7? Well, it starts off with this — The CW is being awfully darn secretive when it comes to this episode! They’re not revealing almost anything about this episode in advance. There was no official synopsis released in advance and, beyond that, only a ten-second promo. We don’t know why exactly the network is doing this to us … other than a theory that we’re about to explain.

You see, the majority of the time that a network is being secretive about a given episode, it’s for a pretty simple reason: They’ve got a little something to hide. They want to keep something under wraps for as long as they possibly can.

Here is what we at least know based on the latest promo released by The CW: It looks like Jane is going to be off to Montana … and with Michael? Maybe there will be a good many fun antics that we get a chance to see here … or some major deliberations when it comes to Jane’s future. For a little while after Michael’s death (or at least what we thought was death), it felt like there was actually some stability within Jane’s life. Now, the entire world has been blown right open and we’re left now in a situation where there are questions aplenty about what is going to be coming up … and if it’s possible that we are going to see Jane make some sort of proper decision. Maybe this happens now, or maybe this happens at some other point this season. It’s not like we’ve got a whole lot of time actually left here!

This is going to be a season that is chock full of all sorts of twists and with the telenovela structure being precisely what it is, we do think that the story is going to keep things twisted right until the very end. This is the sort of way the show wants it, and maybe there are some viewers who want it, too … at least in between the alternating laughter and tears, which, by the way, this show also probably wants more than anything else.

Do we wish that the preview showed off a little bit more? Sure, but this is us crossing our fingers, hoping that the heavy veil is actually worth it. We do know that when Jane the Virgin does get dramatic, it can be quite devastating. We’ve seen that now a number of times over.

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