SEAL Team season 2 episode 20 review: What happened to Ray?

SEAL TeamFor some members of Bravo Team and beyond on SEAL Team season 2 episode 20, you witnessed a cause for celebration. After all, Lisa Davis has graduated from OCS! She tried to confront her difficult past and the most important thing for her is this: She was able to get to the other side of the fire. She visited her sister, she confronted what happened head-on, and now she can be a leader and a fighter for others. There are SO many other ways she can help people now and seeing Clay step up and be there for her was touching.

In general, you can say that Clay spent almost all of the episode fighting for others. After being temporarily down on himself after the injury, he’s now doing what he can in order to be a voice for others who need it — in particular, men and women in the field and at home who are suffering from traumatic brain injuries. He saw what happened with Brett Swan first-hand and he’s mourning his death because of it. It’s an institutional failure that because he didn’t report it at the time, he couldn’t get his TBI treated.

Now, Clay wants to do what he can in order to make sure that never happens again. He wants to go to others in the military, work in order to spread awareness, and then also try to find ways to shake up the system. It’s a dangerous road to go doubt, especially when it comes to trying to get him a Purple Heart and shaking up the long-standing way in which the military does things, but nothing is too big a challenge for a guy trying to get some closure for his dear friend. Nothing. Clay killed it with his story this week.

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Unfortunately, for Bravo Team…

Things are unraveling at just about every turn. Ray is falling apart, and it really culminated in a violent face-off between him and Jason — a guy with his own fair share of struggles. He’s still recovering from Alana’s dad, he doesn’t know how to help pay for Emma’s college, and he’s trying to also focus on life-or-death missions while being a leader. He doesn’t think that he was enough of one for Ray, and because of that, he didn’t get help soon enough.

Now, we’re looking at a situation where nobody knows where Ray is at all. While undergoing a risky mission — a gambit researched and prepared by Mandy — Ray turned up MIA. Nobody can contact him, and they don’t quite know what transpired. Our feeling? It’s not good. Ray may be struggling, including with being Bravo 2, but we don’t see him being the sort of guy to just throw down his comm device and walk off. There’s something more happening here in ou mind … and it’s something that is far from good.

CarterMatt Verdict

While there were victories within SEAL Team season 2 episode 20, it’s also hard to deny that there are some HUGE story-wallops to remind us that there are also several struggles still living in the brain of these people. For Jason, it’s being the best father and team leader he can be. For Ray, it seems to be able about just trying to get through the day. Clay has a new-found purpose, but we’re not sure that this will ever wash away the pain.

If you love action, but also a look at the reality that comes with being active-duty, this episode brought you all of that and then some.

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