Is Chicago Fire new tonight on NBC? Three stories to consider

Chicago Fire season 7Is Chicago Fire new tonight on NBC? There are three episodes left this season, and it certainly goes without saying that there is a lot of stuff that we’re excited to see. We’re hoping for some romance and great character stories, sure, but also some real action! This is a show that, fundamentally, is about people out in the field, trying their best to be a hero and put their stamp on the Windy City.

We know that there are some great heroics coming — you can even see some of that in the recent promo below! Unfortunately, that promo is for next week’s episode. Alas, there isn’t anything more happening on the air tonight and you’re going to be left waiting for another week to see what’s next. “Try Like Hell” is going to be a part of the puzzle but clearly, it’s not the only part. There’s a lot of great stuff coming, and a number of interesting mysteries and stories that the show could approach … or even confront square in the face.

What are some great story ideas? We’ve got three below that are based, in part, on our own personal wishes, but then also where we are right now in the season’s run. With three more episodes, there’s time to dive head-first into ALL of them.

The future for Severide and Kidd – There was a time this season when it seemed like this relationship was almost reaching dead-as-a-doornail status. Yet, we think that the sun is still rising for Stellaride based on a recent series of events. Kelly’s working on himself and as this season nears its end, we think that Stella will see more of that. She was committed to him; for now, the objective for Kelly needs to be showing that he’s committed to her and, beyond this, that the two can avoid future situations where he self-destructs and caves in. Tragedies and other bad things will happen; it’s how you react to them in the long-term that really matters.

The future for Casey … and Brett? – We’ve seen the show slowly steer the two in a direction where they could end up together. The operative word here, of course, is “could.” There is no guarantee that this will turn into anything, but the writers are going on a journey with it. Think along the lines of a pleasant stroll. It could lead right back to where the story started, or it could shift the two towards a new, unknown destination. Either way, we just hope it makes some sense.

What’s next for Boden? – While we don’t think with 100% certainty that we’re going to revisit the Chicago FD hierarchy at the end of this season, it would be nice if it’s explored again in some capacity … though we also still have a tough time thinking we want him out of 51, even if it’s something that is great for the character career-wise. Why does this show leave us so morally conflicted when it comes to job titles?

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Are you bummed that Chicago Fire isn’t new tonight, and what do you want to see moving forward on the NBC show? Sound off now in the comments, and remember to come checking back soon for even more insight. (Photo: NBC.)

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