Is Chicago Med new tonight on NBC? Natalie Manning’s new crisis

Natalie ManningIs Chicago Med new tonight on NBC? We know that there are only three episodes left this season and with that comes an expectation. Think along the lines of hope for resolution, a desire to see more story play out, and also a fear of how exactly Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling will leave at the end of all of this. Remember that this is a mystery that is still very much out there.

There is no mystery as to when the show will come back on NBC — unfortunately, it’s not going to be tonight. Because of a little something known as the Billboard Music Awards, we aren’t going to be venturing back to Chicago tonight. Yep, another hiatus. We’ve been forced to deal with a lot of these lately but here is the good news (if there is good news) — this is the last one!

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Now if you’re interested in knowing what’s coming when Chicago Med is back, it starts with two words: Torrey DeVitto. Season 4 episode 20 may be one of the biggest episodes of the entire season for the character, as it is one littered with important stuff for the character to take on. For example, look at what is going on at the moment in the promo, as she’s willing to take on some drastic measures in order to help a patient who refuses to let anyone help them. Can she interfere with their best wishes? this is obviously where things get a little bit hairy, given that you’re talking about the authority of one person over their own medical care.

Basically, if Natalie does the wrong thing or thinks the wrong way in a given moment, she could lose her license. Much of what she’s worked on for the majority of her adult life could be lost. Chicago Med is often about tough choices, and this is one of the toughest ones. Obviously, there’s also some instability elsewhere in Natalie’s life at the moment — her relationship with Phillip has been building towards something, but is it precisely what it looks like on the surface? That’s absolutely something else to speculate and think about while we wait for the show to return.

For the record, we remain fully committed to the idea of Natalie and Will getting back together … even if the distance between them is starting to be a river more so than a creek. There’s still time for things to improve and on paper, it seems as though both DeVitto and Nick Gehlfuss will be returning for season 5.

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