NBC’s ‘Revolution’ review: Did [spoiler] die?

Leading up to Monday night’s new episode of “Revolution,” there was really one thing that we kept hearing time and time again: it was going to be an episode where someone was knocking on death’s door. The hype was more present than it was for any episode we have seen thus far, and the end result was an episode that actually was the best one that the show has put out yet.

Of course, much of this was thanks to the greatness that was Giancarlo Esposito. For at least a few minutes, it looked as though we were going to see Neville kick the bucket thanks to a trap … but he used his own poisonous words to get Danny to save him only for him to later apprehend the very person who had helped him. This was a brilliant little turnaround for the character, and the coolest moment of the entire show thus far. Just when you think you get rid of the man, you really don’t.

Following, it was actually Charlie who appeared to be in the crosshairs (literally) as she was tied to a chair and gagged while a crossbow was about ready to fire away. However, Miles did end up saving her at the last minute. In the end, the person who did end up dying was actually the person whose end was the most predictable: Maggie. Charlie and the rest of the group did not have the time to save her, and her death was surprisingly powerful given it was a character that we really were still getting to know outside of her phone that rarely works and her past as Ben’s girlfriend. It was nice to actually see the show be so willing to make such a critical move so early in the season, though, especially when it would have been so easy to ride with the current cast.

What did you think about this episode?

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