‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 premiere review: Serena, meet Sabrina

We have seen “Gossip Girl” take on some rather surprising subjects over the course of the past several years. However, even we are a little bit surprised by the direction in which the show decided to go for its season premiere Monday night.

For one thing, Serena decided to completely and totally just try her best to start over after everything that she has been through. When Blair, Chuck, and Nate finally did uncover her later in the episode, she was no longer Serena at all; rather, she was the new Wisconsin woman known as Sabrina, who was now with a new man named Steven who actually has some connections to some other members of the Upper East Side. In other words, this did not last for very long, but it really didn’t even seem to matter. After Serena revealed who she really was, she still took the guy back home and did not really seem to think twice about it.

As for the other major surprise of the episode, let’s just say that it involved a pair of characters getting together that we never thought had any business doing so: Rufus and Ivy. It was a little bit of a war of attrition between these two, but we now have that thought burned forever in our minds. The show did certainly still at least give us a couple of things that we never saw coming in the premiere, and there are plenty more shockers on the way. After all, Dan is still in the midst of some shady business with his tell-all book, and he is more angry than every now that he knows that Chuck and Blair did not even get together right after he and Blair broke up.

What did you like the most about the season 6 premiere? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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