NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 video: Anna’s in jeopardy

CubaThis Sunday, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 is going to be airing on CBS and bringing with it a sense of adventure. We’re heading to Cuba … or at least the show’s presentation of Cuba. Odds are, this is just Cuba by way of one part of Los Angeles.

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Beyond a doubt, we are gearing up for what should prove itself to be an exciting, intense, and above all else important episode. After all, this is one where G. Callen’s future could change dramatically based on what happens to Anna Kolcheck. This is where she’s landing after escaping from the United States and through this episode, we should get a chance to better see what her planned endgame is there. Is she still actively seeking out Callen’s father? For now, we know that this is the major implication of some of what she’s up to. Yet, she’s not cluing Callen in to anything else, which is probably a big reason why this particular episode is entitled “No More Secrets.” This is where everything hopefully comes out and on the other side of it, we’ll have a clearer picture for precisely what the future is going to hold.

Unfortunately, there is also a reasonably good chance that Anna will not have any future at all, judging from the promo below. Things are not going to go according to plan within this episode and by the end of it, this character could be killed off. The drama here is going to escalate throughout, and there’s no real reason to have confidence that Anna will survive this. If she dies, that’s going to completely devastate Callen and he’s probably going to need a considerable amount of time in order to properly recover from it.

It’s also worth noting still that Joelle will be in this episode, though we don’t have anywhere near as much context as to what role she is going to play or how her relationship with Callen is going to be presented. We know that she and Anna both have a history with him, so from a relationship standpoint, it’s not hard to figure out precisely why this is going to be one of the more important episodes that we’ve seen in a good while. Given that NCIS: Los Angeles is bringing back some former JAG cast members for a two-part arc at the end of the season, we would assume that much of what’s going on here will be tied up.

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