Criminal Minds season 15: The series finale table read arrives

Criminal MindsWe’ve noted as of late that through much of the remaining week or so, we’re going to slowly see all sorts of emotional events checked off for Criminal MindsFirst, it was the final tech scout. Now, we’ve heard that today marked the final table read for the CBS series.

In case you did not know, showrunner Erica Messer penned the final episode alongside Garcia herself in Kirsten Vangsness — another bit of evidence that the show is trying to really honor its legacy. Few understand this world and these characters better than Kirsten, who has been here through this run and experienced so much of the emotional journey.

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Of course, part of the real magic of Criminal Minds is how this show finds a way to somehow marry some of the dark, painful material with likable characters and emotional moments featuring them together. There’s something cathartic about the show — a healing quality when the UnSub is taken down — that is a part of the appeal. It’s seeing the BAU go out there and try to resolve all of these cases, even when the going gets tough and their own lives are in jeopardy. They’re superheroes without capes. They are just who they are.

Through the final episodes of this season, we presume that the BAU will once more be forced to confront an enormous threat. This time around, it could be Everett Lynch, the notable villain who was first referenced during the recent fourteenth season. To use another analogy from the comic-book world, he is the Joker to Rossi’s Batman. There is a genuine yin and yang there and we’re going to see a chance through some of these upcoming episodes to see that explored a little bit further.

When will the series finale air?

More than likely, we’re going to see the final season back this fall at the latest, and we’re hoping that through that, we’ll see the series finale at some point around December. It’s going to be a LONG wait still, unless CBS pulls some sort of big surprise and gets the show out a little bit sooner. Yet, we certainly believe that it is going to be absolutely worthwhile in every way possible.

For some other Criminal Minds news…

Whether it be character spotlights or other behind the scenes insights from filming, you can find just about all of it over at the link here. We imagine that there are going to be many more emotional moments over the next weeks, so we’d suggest that you just keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more.

What do you think is going to be coming on the Criminal Minds series finale, and are you getting emotional thinking about it already? Share below. (Photo: CBS.)

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