The Resident season 2 episode 22 review: Did Nic buy a kidney?

The ResidentTonight, The Resident season 2 episode 22 pushed Nic Nevin down a road that she has never quite been down before. We’ve seen her be desperate for the sake of saving a patient’s life, but it’s a very different situation when the patient is her own sister.

This is where the central question at the heart of this episode lied — would Nic go so far as to buy a kidney in order to save Jessie’s life? Alec approached her with this as an opportunity, knowing that she wasn’t an eligible donor and her father wouldn’t answer her calls. As Jessie went into heart failure, it became clear that they were running out of time. They had to scramble and because of that, desperate times called for desperate measures. That’s why Nic was willing to meet with Elliot (John Noble), a loathsome organ broker who willing to sell her a kidney for a really steep price.

Was she willing to do it? In the end, she was — at least until she realized how little money the donor would get and what it would ultimately take for her to get one. That’s when she determined that it wasn’t worth it. She opted to not go through with the process since she didn’t know how she would even explain it to Jessie after the fact.

The only hopeful sign at the moment for Jessie is that Conrad was able to pull some sort of wizardry in order to get her on the transplant list despite some of the rules that typically do not allow it. He went to Dr. Bell and seemed to privately offer him a sum of money. We say “seemed to” just because of the fact that there was no confirmation, but we know that Chastain desperate needs money. Dr. Lane Hunter and the Quovadis debacle have slowed down donations, and we almost felt bad for Bell after a punk kid, the son of a late donor, tried to humiliate him at a club in exchange for money. For the bulk of this episode, Bell tried his best to convince a lottery winner to donate to the hospital, and it worked … but that was before realizing that the lotto winner actually chose an annuity and didn’t have that much to give right away.

Does Mina have feelings for The Raptor?

It feels like you can certainly say that The Resident is not super-eager to rush into telling this story. Yet, at the same time, they are definitely not shying away from it either. They are laying a lot of groundwork and it definitely seems as though both have feelings for the other. It’s just like they’re both saying for now — there are some lines that cannot be crossed … or at least that is how the two of them are feeling about it at the moment. There may not feel this way forever — as a matter of fact, we would argue that sooner or later, some of their feelings are eventually going to get the best of them.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident season 2 episode 22 delivered just about everything that you could want, at least in terms of setting the stage for the finale. Also, we like how the Bell/Conrad stories seemed to connect in some ways. We do wish that Devon had a little bit going on throughout here, but he’s already had some big arcs — at the moment, it’s clear that we’re building towards a powerful, Conrad-and-Nic focused conclusion where she will do everything for the sake of trying to save her sister.

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