The Enemy Within episode 10 review: Is Shepherd still playing both sides?

The Enemy WithinTonight on The Enemy Within episode 10, what we’re getting to see is a chance to determine more of where one Erica Shepherd actually stands — or, at least see just how immersed she still is within Tal’s operation.

What we’ve come to learn over time about this character is fundamentally quite simple, and it starts mostly with her working alongside Keaton, while also funneling information back to Tal’s people. On the surface, it does feel like she is ending the team around in circles with no clear end in sight.

Entering tonight’s episode, it was clear already that there was someone in the CIA withholding information from Keaton and the rest of his team; for the bulk of this episode, in turn, we watched the FBI try to figure some of that out. The target was Chigorin, someone who the FBI was working to tracked down … and probably would have found were it not for Erica tipping off Tal’s people leading up to it. Keaton and his team were not able to locate them.

So, while Shepherd did not exactly help Keaton with this part of the plan, she was able to grant another gift: A black box from a plan from three years prior. This was something that was supposedly destroyed, but the CIA held onto it — basically, another one of their secrets. He demanded to hear it as a means to get a better sense of understanding, and what he ended up hearing was painful — very painful. He needed to experience it to feel and understanding the real pain.

Meanwhile, at the conclusion of this episode, Chigorin showed up and had a brief meeting with Tal, who made it clear that it was Shepherd responsible for the tip. Is this actually going to get her a step closer to an endgame, or at least an opportunity to deliver one? That’s what we gotta believe.

Erica confronts her ex

Noah Bean came back tonight and when he did, his character made it clear that he knew that their daughter was visiting Erica. That’s a problem, especially since at the core of that problem was deception. How do you feel confident that you can trust someone after something like this? He’s going to have to work on that, one way or another.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Enemy Within is clearly at this point playing the long game. If the plan for this show was for it to last only a single season, we feel like we would’ve learned before now the truth about Erica’s allegiances. We still want to believe that she is using Tal to get close to him and eventually destroy him — almost like a prisoner vigilante. It’s a little hard to know that — for now, consider this a show open to interpretation, but one that does still continue to have fantastic performances from Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut, who was brilliant in the closing minutes.

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