Shadowhunters season 3 episode 20 review: Magnus, Alec find light within darkness

MalecWhile Shadowhunters season 3 episode 20 did not exactly end on a happy note for the state of the world, ironically, it did give at least some individual characters hope for their personal futures. That is, of course, provided that there is something left for them to cling to at the end of all of this chaos.

Since we feel like being slightly optimistic within this review, let’s begin with some tremendous news for Magnus and Alec — they’re engaged! It long felt like there would be a light at the end of the tunnel; the question was mostly if the producers were going to make us wait until the finale in order to actually get a glimpse of it. Given that this episode was originally supposed to be the season 3 finale, it made sense for there to be a greater sense of closure here. The proposal was heartfelt and meaningful, as Magnus actually was the one to say the words “will you marry me?” after learning that Alec was planning to do this. He learned about the deal with Asmodeus, and he understood precisely what Alec was trying to do for him.

They’ve been through a lot, but amidst every hurdle, their love has found a way to persevere. That has happened here once more, and it’s going to need to happen again as Magnus is going to be forced now to spend some time in Edom. Think of it as him preparing to cast some of the most powerful magic possible to stop Jonathan from basically destroying the world.

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As we take the leap over to Jonathan, it seems like there’s no real stopping him at this point. After the Institute (with an assist from Simon) was able to break the bond between him and Clary in a particularly exciting sequence, he seems to have realized that without a link between the two of them, he is harboring even more power. Not only that, but since he can never get her to live him under her own free will, he’s just going to watch the world burn instead. Hence him deciding to be a master summoner and conjuring up an unprecedented amount of chaos on the world.

So where we are left at now is with Clary and Jonathan back together, but with the two of them in total survival mode while Jonathan seems to continue forward without any care for who he hurts or how he hurts them.

Is something going to happy with Simon and Izzy?

It certainly seems like we’re closer to getting somewhere with the two of them, though closer does not equal the two running off into each other’s arms. If we were to describe all of the major relationships in this show into gradients, Malec would be on their way to the altar. Meanwhile, Clace is certainly on their way to a proposal, something that we’d envision happening for them in a good six months or a year if this was real life.

Meanwhile, Sizzy are that couple everyone is really rooting for and they’ll probably throw a party once the two of them finally get together. We’re just not at the point yet where that’s happening in a full-fledged way. Maybe this is something left to look forward to?

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that Shadowhunters season 3 episode 20 brought us so much of what we could have hoped for in terms of high-stakes drama; what we did not expect along the way was as much romance, or seeing these characters actually have a few rare moments of peace. We’re grateful that the writers aren’t just making us wait for the finale for some hope there, though it’s clear that this is a world very much in need of saving.

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