The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight: The path ahead for Morgan Reznick

Should Morgan returnToday marks yet another Monday without The Good Doctorand that’s always going to be bad news. There’s no other way to put it.

Yet, will another spotlight article at least help to satisfy your thirst? We’ve done these across several Mondays since the end of the season, offering some suggestions as to what the future story could unfold for several different characters. You can read some of the latest spotlights that we’ve got over at the link here; today, the focus is primarily on Fiona Gubelmann and her character of Dr. Morgan Reznick. She’s a woman who when she first turned up, it was easily to have a negative opinion towards her. After all, a good bit of what she was bringing to the table was in pure opposition to Shaun Murphy. She was a rival, fiercely competitive and mostly interested in the accolades and the praise.

Is there a part of this that is still there with her? Sure, but since that time she’s become a more nuanced, fully-formed character and beyond just that, even sympathetic at times. We have a better sense now of what makes her tick and through that, you’ve got an open door for a lot more interesting stuff moving into the third season. Let’s document what some of it could be below.

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1. Morgan’s relationship with Shaun – Where is this at when season 3 begins? While they’ve come to realized that their differing styles can be a benefit more so than a hindrance, that does not change the fact that their dynamic could be different now. Shaun was fired, but then eventually saved. Will she subconsciously view herself as superior as a result of this? At the very least, this is something that cannot be ignored as a possibility.

2. Morgan’s personal life – We know thanks to the “Quarantine” arc that Morgan’s love life is in a bit of a rough place moving into season 2, so does that change moving into season 3? Whether it be Morgan or Claire, though, the struggle is finding a way to give them good relationships that don’t supersede what is happening at the hospital. That’s difficult sometimes, especially when you are also dealing with romances that are outside of your job … and we don’t need everyone to be dating everyone else at work.

3. Can you explore more of her upbringing? – We certainly know that Morgan’s been through it, in between what happened to her with a stalker and the constant pressure that she puts on herself. At this point, it’d be great to see some more people from her past, including some family members or old friends who know her from a particular point in her life. That could be a nice way to better show who she was as opposed to who she is.

4. What does her medical future look like? – We know where she stands right now at St. Bonaventure, but what are her final goals — and, after all that she’s been through, what is she willing to do now to make that happen? This could be high time for a slight evolution to some of her priorities.

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